• Up: A Movie for the Whole Family

    I feel that Up is wholesome for families for several reasons. First off, the beginning of the movie shows the development of a relationship from childhood to old age, without any hint of fighting, divorce, affairs, etc. It shows the ideal marriage life. Secondly, I feel it also shows the sadness that comes when families are not ideal, such as when Russell talks about his father. I therefore think there are valuable lessons to be learned when it comes to the importance of family.

  • Up, a good wholesome family movie

    I believe that Up is a wholesome movie for families. Our family loves the movie Up. The movie hooks you in from the word go with the unlikely love story of two very opposite characters. Their love story demonstrates the true meaning of, as well as, unconditional love. It is truly refreshing to see a character who will literally go to the other side of the world to keep his promise to his wife. Not onlyt that, but we also see the most amazing friendship grow between two very unlikely people. In this day and age, it is hard to find any movie or tv show that is completely void of violence, but this movie does a great job of limiting it and focusing more on the positives of friendship and love.

  • Yes, Up is a wholesome movie for families

    UP was released by Pixar several years ago, and it is definitely a wholesome movie for families because it lacks particular explicit elements that other Disney movies have. Up tells the story of a man and a dog and their journey together. The problems in the movie generally do not expose children to new ideas that are potentially harmful.

  • Up is for the whole family

    The movie Up is a wholesome movie for the entire family. It is produced by Pixar, released by Disney, and has a G rating. The plot of the movie appeals to young and old. It is about an elderly widower that ties balloons together in order to see South America.

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