Do you think Upcoding ( billing fraud ), Is a reason why healthcare is so expensive?

  • Billing Fraud Industry

    I’m not sure if the cost of health “care” is attributed to Drs. Upcoding or just a drop in the bucket. Really hard to say. And why is there little oversight in this disgusting practice? Where is consumer protection agency? Maybe if they were caught and sent to prison, ( I mean all of them ) we’d probably have a shortage of docs.

  • Its very complicated

    Greed is #1 People who make the complicated equipment, Down the moisturizer and gloves. Its all made far more cheaply than estimated. Also all the people involved from the millions and millions the CEOs of hospitals makes to 400k the drs make. Not to mention the patients who sue inappropriately (which is most of the time) for their family member dying. . . . . . . In a hospital. . . . . . When they were sick. This is a cycle of life, And research shows often not the fault of one person. Those million dollar law suits cost the hospitals very much. Oh yeah, And then something about billing fraud which is minimal in cost, And more likely to occur in outpatient. And all these numbers go up. And there's no legislative control on any of it, Except in the crazy state of texas. You might limit human rights, But this one you got.

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