Do you think USA have the highest bully rate ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • I see what you mean "stephannoi", but...

    The second I saw that no-one had said yes to this argument, I had to say something. To be honest I thought that America would have the highest bullying rank. However, I'm not one to judge not being in America but I still believe it's in the top five, maybe even three

  • Not even close

    The USA, like many other economically developed countries, has anti-bullying campaigns and educates children about the subject. Unfortunately it still occurs frequently even with these preventative measures but what about countries which don't have anti-bullying campaigns? I can guarantee that there are at least 100 countries with worse bullying problems than the USA.

  • No I think...

    If you have noticed and gone on YouTube most bully videos will not in America and their most likely to speak a different language or in some cases they have a British accent or new Zealand etc. and theirs more movies off bullying in different languages in different places. I'm not saying that Usa has no bullying but it has less

  • No other countries also have the highest as well

    No USA is not the only country which have highest rank of bullying.Other countries such as australia,uk,and germany have higher rate of bully more than USA.Now a day people like to bully in online than inside the school.Bully rate can happen every where.However i think we should try to solve this problem.

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