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  • Hi my name is jeff

    I don't think that farmers should put antibiotics in farm animals because when we eat the meat it the antibiotics are in the meat and when we eat it it will harm us. And the animals can be harmed to like if the farmers use the wrong medicine and it could cause weird defects.

  • Yes It Is

    Antibiotics are meant to fight infection, generally after the infection has been located. When you feed animals antibiotics without an infection those antibiotics stay in the meat of the animal or pass through to their milk and the consumer ends up getting antibiotics as well. The process endangers the health care field and the fight of infections overall. This should not be allowed.

  • Yes using antibiotics in animal feed is bad.

    I feel that using antibiotics in animal feed is bad. There needs to be adequate testing to see the true effects of using antibiotics in animal feed. What are the short term and long term effects? Does this come back to hurt those who may consume the animals that are fed the antibiotic animal feed? These are the questions that need to be answered before determining if it is safe.

  • Yes, using antibiotics in animal feed is not good.

    Most everyone can recall the phrase, "You are what you eat." Because this is true, what the food animal eats, ultimately is what we will ingest. Because of the conditions of the modern factory farm, these medicines have become a necessity. The problem is bigger than to give antibiotics or not. We need to look at how these food animals are kept that makes these medications so prevalent.


  • As a farmer

    You need antibiotics to keep any animal healthier, with or without an infection. A common cough is not an infection but is still treated with an antibiotic to keep the animal healthy. Antibiotics do not stay in the animal as it is prepared for market, animals must undergo an withdrawal period to eliminate the antibiotic from the body of the animal

  • It makes them healthier.

    No, I do not think that using antibiotics in animal feed is bad, because it is a good, easy way to make the animals healthier. It is no different than putting fluoride in the water that humans drink. If there is an easy way to make the food healthier and stretch it farther, by all means, do it.

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