• Yes they do

    Yes, I think that vector marketing is a very good way to make sales and convince people to buy a certain product or not. I think that this is a great system, and that people know how to use it very effectively to make people want a product they have.

  • Vector Marketing Works

    Vector Marketing's strategies do work as a sales paradigm. When I was in my late teens and early 20s I worked for them a couple of years, and watched first hand how well they worked. Another thing it does is provide good income for young people, so it's a win win situation.

  • It is word of mouth.

    Yes, I think that Vector Marketing's strategies work as a sales paradigm, because Vector Marketing is trying to capitalize on word-of-mouth. It is taking an example from the success of social media, by using young people who market to their friends and to others. It has proven to be successful for Vector.

  • Vector Marketing Strategies work.

    It is the unfortunate truth that Vector Marketing often, and intentionally gets people to invest in a product before they are allowed to market it. The strategy is quite simple. If the person has the ability to sell the products, great. Both the company and the individual make a profit. If the person does not have the ability to sell the product, that's ok too, because they just bought everything they could from you. The company has no risk.

  • No, Vector marketing is dishonest pyramid scheme

    Vector marketing uses a variety of dishonest techniques including misrepresenting their ties to various universities where they actively are trying to recruit people. Their marketing strategy amounts to little more than a pyramid scheme after even brief analysis. While the marketing strategies may work in the sense that some people will be fooled by them, they’re not a legitimate sales paradigm to be followed.

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