Do you think video game is a scapegoat for eveything what's bad happen

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Video games are the go-to

    Video games are really the go-to thing for when people want some actions done to regulate guns or some types of overall safety for the people. Numerous studies have shown that video games don't have a causal link to an increase in crime, but people like Hillary Clinton disregard the studies and use their own thoughts to put forward their agenda.

  • Video game does not increase crime

    Yes people like to blame on video game for everything what bad happens.Many scholars,police force,and scientist has proven that video game does not increase violence in society because in the statistic it has proven that video game reduce violent crime.And if that person become violent it mean he become violent before he play video game.

  • Video games are not a scapegoat.

    Social media is the new scapegoat for bad things.
    This is understandable, as now kids are showing their faces and locations for every lunatic or predator, who then ruin it for everyone else.
    However, since when did such things as fact-checking or rational thought appeal to those wanting sensationalism to get their points across?

  • It isn't everything.

    I make video games myself. I think mine are pretty tame. I've used red screens a couple of times, once in a platformer and another time in an RPG, but that's about the most violent things I've put in.

    With that said, it's erroneous to say that video games have become a scapegoat for everything. It has been blamed for quite a number of violent crimes, but comics, anime, manga and in some cases rap songs (though that doesn't happen where I live) are blamed as well. Plus, it's not as though video games are completely innocent. Their effects on young, impressionable minds may have been exaggerated, but I doubt most young people of our day would have ever felt thrill in killing, were it not for the existence of video games. Too much gore in the games also desensitise them to that sort of thing. Again, video games are not the only factor, but to claim they have no effect does not make sense.

  • It's not a scapegoat

    Video game is responsible for so many mass shooting and school shooting that has happen.Some People argue it's not video game fault,it's because their mental health issue.Yes ,but video game can have an negative effect on some certain people.It's just like you saying,cigarette is not to blame,people who smoke cigarette are to blame.

  • No why should it be

    Many school shooter has admit that they have been trained it before through playing violent games before they start massacre,so games are absolutely to blame and it's not a scapegoat.If these stupid games don't exist perhaps we don't have much violent people in our society.It should be banned ,i agree.

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