Do you think video games are the main cause of school shootings ?

Asked by: Jimtompson
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  • I would blame it on mental illness on guns. But guns are main reason why school shooting happen.

    Guns are not only to blame for school shooting but also for the increasing rate of suicide,homicide, and unintentionally death. I have read an interesting article on internet and here are some facts :

    -The US has nearly 6 times gun homicide of Canada, 7 times that of sweden and nearly 26 times that of germany

    -The US make up less than 5 % of the world population but holds 31 % of global mass shootings.

    -The US has the highest number of private own guns in the world. Estimated in 2007 the number of civilian-owned firearms in the US was 88.8 guns per people, meaning there was almost one privately own gun per american.

    -suicide comprise 60 % of gun related death

    - on average assaults in the US are 3 times more likely to involve in guns than other countries.

    -Also since Australian pass a law banning guns, no school shooting happen there since and firearm suicide and homicide has gone dramatically down.
    (But they still sell violent video games)

    Guns kill people,video game don't kill people. If we want to stop school shooting, we have to confiscated all guns from citizens.

  • It's a Mental Health Problem

    Trying to claim that video games are the main cause of school shootings is ridiculous. Yes, people who are mentally ill and seriously consider massacring innocent children going to school do tend to play violent video games. It is wrong, however, to assume that these games are the cause. The majority of people who play video games with violence do not exhibit violent tendencies.

  • Video games can contribute, but are not the main cause.

    There are many causes of mass shootings, fear, ready access to firearms, media, culture, hate, dehumanization, mental illness, and violent video games. Yet, I don't think violent video games even makes the top three, let alone the top contributor.

    I think if anything we should look at how males are much more likely than female to perform mass shootings. Perhaps the main cause is society's expectation of males to be aggressive.

  • I find this question really dumb.

    How dare you are to ask such kind of question ? Don't you find it's very idiotic and nonsense ? By saying violent games are the main cause of school shooting, is just like you are blaming violent games for causing Hitler to murder 6 millions jews in holocaust, Is that correct to say such things ? No of of course not, because genocide has always been happen in human history. And mad people will always find a way to kill people regardless whatever.

    Just because there are some school shooter play violent games doesn't mean we should generalize it and saying violent games are the main contributor of violence in society. It isn't justified to say such stupid things and the more you are saying such things, the more stupid you will become.

    Lastly, Majority of school shooter are not first person shooter fan. And most people who love these games, doesn't become a serial killer in the future. Other countries, violent games are being sold there as well, but school shooting doesn't exist or are very very rare. For example, Australia has violent games on sale, but they don't have school shootings anymore after 1996.

    America has school shooting problem it's because of their culture. Mainly they are to blame themselve that they don't have strict gun control laws. Would they have implemented such laws, school shooting would have been prevented.

    I find this question very disturbing and it especially offend me as well. Since i play lots of violent games, but i am not a criminal,. This exactly what some politicians are trying to do, Blaming violent games or movie on contributing violence in society. They know and realize better than others that it's actually guns are the main cause of school shooting, yet they try to ignore that fact because they don't want guns to be banned otherwise they would lost profit. Guns industry is extremely a lucrative business and some politician gain benefit from it.

    Next time please don't create such stupid question again.

  • Virtual world don't make you to become a killer

    Plenty of kids that i know play violent games, yet they are nice and friendly people. No sign of behavior problems. Even me, myself i am a violent game fan, but i still behave quite alright.

    The kids who become violent, it's because they are disturbed in their brain. It has nothing to with video game that make them crazy. And even without violent games, they still behave violently. Blaming video game is just so retarded. Why not blame the parents, the way they raise their child up ? Teach them what is right and wrong.

  • Those school shooter have history of mental illness and being abused.It has nothing to do with video games.

    Kids who are feeling traumatized from being bullied, they will always find a way to express their feelings, either committing suicide or killing others. Video games has nothing to with their psychopathy and certainly , it doesn't motivate them to be a killer.

    Back in the year 11960-1980s there were school shooting in america but at that time there weren't any violent games produce. Yet there were still school shooting. School shooting will always continue to happen if bullying is a norm tradition in schools. Especially in USA, where there are lack of gun control law, it is even easier for mentally disturbed people to commit atrocities crimes.

    To stop school shooting, the very first thing we should do is to teach kids respecting each other and prevent bullying in school. And of course we should have strict gun control law.

    It's very pointless to ban violent games. You won't achieve anything from that. It only make the matter worse.

  • This is really a stupid question

    If anything that should be blame on causing school shooting are the bullies. They are mostly likely should be blame on this issue. From my experience I lost one of my best friend from suicide due to he suffer from being prolong bullied.

    Bullies are not only to blame for school shooting but also suicide rate. Video games and other form of media are just an entertainment. It design for people to enjoy and have fun with. Even if we don't have video games, school shooting will always happen as long as we don't prevent bullying in school.

  • Merely acts as a scapegoat

    After a mass shooting/school shooting, everyone wants to know why and how this happened. People want something to blame to explain what made a person turn into a "monster" and do such a thing. Video games have not been the sole scapegoat but, it is a easy one to use due to the sometimes graphic and violent nature.

  • Video games is just merely design for entertainment just like books,movies, or music.

    It's completely ludicrous to blame on the media. Violent media has always been a bad reputation because of it's violent content, but that doesn't mean it's to blame for all the violent crime. There are no correlation between violent crime and violent media consumption.

    Back in the year 1960-1980 where there are no video games, but instead they blame it on musics and movies on school shooting because it has violent content in it. Now adays video games are the most common scapegoat for school shooting.

    The real reason behind of school shooting are not to blame on guns,video games,music,movies or anything else but on bullying and the irresponsible teacher. As long as teacher turn a blind eye on students, pretending that no kids suffer from prolong being bullied, school shooting will always happen.

    It's time for all teachers and parents to be responsible on kids and teach them to respect each other. Adults have the most responsible job on taking care of children. If we can prevent bullying in school, then we can also prevent school shooting from happening again.

  • No I don't think that video games are the problem.

    I think when you guys say video games are the problem you should reemphasize that and not look at the video games it might just be the people. There are so many guns in the united states maybe not make as many guns and have better gun control will fix the problem.

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lanzy says2018-04-15T01:27:21.127
You should ask the other way around such as, are guns the main cause of school shootings (not video games). If it's that question i would vote yes but video games ? No. Because simply you can't kill people with virtual gun but you can kill people with a real gun.

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