Do you think video games are the main cause of shootings like Columbine, VT, Aurora and Newtown?

Asked by: GodWarrior
  • They introduce people to violence and death.

    Video Games, as well as Hollywood movies, introduce people to violence. While I don't believe that people should be sheltered from topics such as these, I think that video games and movies generally encourage violence more than they should. I believe that movies and video games aren't necessarily bad and I enjoy them as well but the people creating them need to realize that they are encouraging violence amongst the younger, and obviously less intelligent, community.

  • Maybe. A lot of videogames do have guns.

    They have guns and that is bad they are violent they are really gross with all that blood dont even get me started... Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yeah

  • I'm on the fence:

    There are two scenarios of course. For older persons, no, of course not, the drive to behave as such was already there and there's no reason that watching a marathon of Jet Li movies is going to make you run around and Kung-Fu people to death.

    ... But children? Yes. Children don't quite understand that after you kill someone in GTA or hit them with a car there's a real disconnect between that and reality. It can be seen in childhood shootings where the child really just doesn't get it, you "pew pew" and they "die" and then they get up and play some more but in reality that bullet is the end of their friends.

    So violent media is responsible before a certain level of reason is developed and where that lies is about the teen years because human reasoning until about 16 years old is absolutely poor.

  • It is an incredibly arrogance to assume individuals are influenced by something which fails to influence you.

    I play games. I have played games since they were invented.

    I played the King Kong game on DOS, I played Commander Keen on Windows 95. I played Duke Nukem and Doom and I remember my amazement at the first Command and Conquer game.

    You don't see me trying to blast people with Ion cannons. I don't try to disembowel my enemies with the Master Sword, and I was weaned on this sh*t.

    The only thing that causes people to mass murder others is mental instability, nearly always brought on by paranoia, fear propaganda and bullying.

  • I like violent games

    I enjoy action packed violent video games like GTA V, because it isn't real. It's not like the virtual people have any feelings, in real life I would not ever even consider doing any of the crimes that happen grand theft auto and other games. I want to become a firefighter in real life.

  • I don't think it does.

    For all I know, people have killed people since the dawn of man. Many have killed over race, religion, lands and words in books. Those kids who shot all the people in their schools and other people, most likely they were NOT raised properly. Would you agree with this people?

  • No of course not

    If there were an increasing of crime because of the violent video game then it is already banned for long time.Fortunately is not like that.Surprisingly it decrease crime.The main of school shooting doesn't depending on the game. People who do like that is because they are mental ill or have personal problem with their life. Normal stable people wouldn't do like that.School shooting had happen before the producing of these games.

  • Look at the real problem

    Mental health problems are the main cause of those shootings. Yes, it is possible that the violent video games had some influence because those responsible had difficulties in distinguishing fantasy versus reality. However the average person does not have those issues and therefore we come back to the root cause being mental health problems.

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