• Specific games do cause violence

    Video games do cause violence, take it from my sister. She plays hunting games almost every day, and now she pretends to kill everyone. This has gotten her into lots of trouble at school, and at home. This is a case that I see happening a lot in the world nowadays. Kids need to get their butts of the couch and go out side to play some real games.

  • Witnessing an event enough times came desensitize you.

    Modern video games subject players too graphic images and a high level of violence. If a player witnesses this violent imagery enough times, he can become desensitized to it. This can cause an emotional detachment too violent acts. That means a player will be less likely to feel a moral objection to, or remorse for committing violent acts.

  • No, video games do not encourage violence.

    I do not believe that a person who plays video games is most likely to be violent than those who do not. If anything, video games might help a person relax. I think that a violent person will be violent regardless of if they're playing a video game or not. They will most likely find other sources.

  • People realize this tendency

    The topic of media leading to violence has been covered enough that it seems people can be cognizant of the potential and work to prevent this from occuring. At the same time, video games sort of act as an outlet for violence so people don't have to funnel it into real world antics.

  • No, the human race has always been a violent one and video games do not augment this.

    Throughout history of the human species violence has accompanied our occupation. Wars, killings, and crime has plagued humanity for centuries. It is the cost of living in an organization. Even with that the past century has been one of the most peaceful in all of humankind, and violence is at all all time low. If video games increased violence, then violence rates would have steadily climbed the past 20 years instead of declining.

  • No I Don't Think Video Games Increase Someone's Tendency To Be Violent.

    Video games do not make a person violent or increase anyone's tendency towards violence. In fact I would offer the opposite to be true. First person shooter games, such as Medal of Honor, allow people to workout their aggressions without resorting to actual physical conflict. Video games are an acceptable outlet for one's aggressions .

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