Do you think violent video game is good for anger outlet ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes it is an good outlet for anger

    I played violent video game since when i was 14 years old.And when i angry at somebody i use video game as a outlet of anger.I didn't became aggressive or violent.I guest we should stop blame on video game alone.Not everyone become aggressive and aggressive behavior doesn't come from video game.I think family environment,peer influence ,mental health,and genetics have more influence on our behavior than anything else including video game and television.

  • Of course it can

    We all have days that we just are in a really bad mood and no episode of the office can fix that then games like gta were you can just peaceful drive or go on a rage fueled murder rampage and call of duty can make you use anger in a rage fueled mass murder

  • Believe it or not,it is.

    Contrary to popular belief, using videogames as an anger outlet does not increase the likelihood of being violent in real life. It's an OUTLET form a reason,so that they don't do it in real life. It varies from person to person though,but in most cases is positively affects the person playing instead of negatively.

  • Yes, as it's also a good idea to use virtual guns.

    You only have one life in the real world, as in a virtual game like Call of Duty, your character can be killed, but can re-spawn. It is way better because playing games and getting kills is exciting, as you do not hurt anyone physically (Yet you may hurt them emotionally) in the process.

  • Yes, it really helps.

    Interestingly, I am a guy who loves playing violent games like CoD, Gears of War, Fallout. Games with a lot of blood and gore. Yet in real life, I can barely stand to see a toe nail being removed, or the sight of roadkill.
    My life is quite ironic. :P

  • Yes it is

    These games help me so much when it comes to anger. I can escape from the people I'm mad at and just do what ever. I support this idea very much. More people should try it even if they aren't people who like those types of video games. It is the best way.

  • Yes but only on single player

    Depending on if your playing single player or multiplier. Single player would be good for releasing anger. By playing single player you can shoot enemies without someone talking crap over about you over the mic. The only problem with multiplier is the part where people are dissing you every time you shoot them. But yes violent video games do release anger, only in single player.

  • Yes it can be.

    If one is playing a video game at the time he is angry then he must be assuming that situation a real one and will surely let out his anger on the game. A game can be replayed but one's life matters once be played can never be re-installed. So a temporary action is much much better than a permanent damage.

  • It encourage abuse

    Violent games can negatively influence us by reducing self control and make us feel less sensitive to violent act.People who play violent games frequently .Often think the act in the screen is acceptable an act it out in real world.Yes i would support it should be banned and it encourage abuse.

  • Violent video game should be banned

    Violent video game may help you feel relaxed in a short term but in a long term run it increase aggression and reduce self control and empathy.Many kids or even adults who play these games often have behavior problem .Look at adam lanza he play violent games since he was a kid.

  • Though, it probably varies from person to person

    I usually play games in a passive manner, and I can almost never be angered playing a video game. I've certainly played video games while angry, but I find it doesn't really help when I play violent games. Of course, it's a psychological thing that probably changes from person-to-person, but personally I can't use violent video games as an outlet for anger.

  • It's not Effective

    Over the short-term, playing some games can be helpful when you feel angry over something temporary, but over the long-term, playing video games bottles up frustration, doesn't really address problems, and can even become frustrating itself from how video games are a struggle to win. Also, playing video games can distract from socializing which can lead to further problems that make things even more frustrating.

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