• Yes, it is his greatest business venture.

    Starting a major record label is a great accomplishment for anyone. I would imagine that to Branson, what matters most, is if he is satisfied with it. I wouldn't care what people think of me if I was that rich. I would just try to make sure I am being the person I want to be.

  • Yes, Virgin records is Richard Branson's greatest business venture

    Virgin Records is a world renown and global recognized name in the music industry. It is an extremely successful company that most people would recognize. This is why I think that it is Richard Branson's greatest business venture overall. He has some other successful businesses, but Virgin Records is the best.

  • It has to be

    It allowed him to buy a island. You know you made it when you can buy your own island. At it's peak Virgin Records was one of the top record labels in the world. The record label is still viable in today's market but with all the changes to the music industry. The record label is not what it used to be.

  • Virgin Galactic More Important

    Sir Richard Branson's interests in outer space are his greatest business ventures. Virgin Galactic will bring space tourists to Earth orbit for a few minutes. Branson can expand this venture to include investments in space mining that will see benefits 10 and 20 years into the future when asteroids are mined for resources. Virgin Records is probably Branson's most well-known venture, but his greatest asset is the space company.

  • No, I do not think Virgin Records is Richard Branson's greatest venture.

    While Virgin Records has been one of Richard Branson's greatest business ventures, I think that is overshadowed by his new venture. Richard Branson's greatest business venture is going to be his company that is about space tourism. I think that it is going to be the future of exploration for the public.

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