Do you think Warner Bros. should release the complete ending to "The Shining"?

  • Yes I agree

    I definitely agree that Warner Bros should release the complete ending to The Shining. That was one of the best movies ever and I think a lot of people would want to see the complete ending. No horror film comes close - it is a classic in story and in cast.

  • Warner Bros. Should Release the Complete Ending to "The Shining"

    I believe that Warner Bros. should release the complete ending to "The Shining" for the reasons. The first of these is that it is a good way to reward the fans of this very culturally relevant movie. It is a good, famous movie and I think loyalty should be rewarded. Another reason for the release of the complete ending is that it will revive interest in the movie. Even if "The Shining" is culturally relevant, as time goes by more and more of this generation will know less of the movie. If there is a media buzz of the release of the complete ending, it can revive the popularity of the movie, if only for a moment.

  • Leave the Shining Shrouded in Mystery

    One of the most compelling films of all time, much of "The Shining's" allure is that it leaves a conclusive ending to the imagination of the viewer. The time to have released the complete ending was when the film was released, not several decades after the fact. Let it alone and let people continue to imagine their own endings.

  • The story is fine

    Movie purists will be satisfied with the current ending to the film "The Shining" and would most likely not appreciate the release of a complete ending. A large part of the thrill of the movie is not knowing what will happen. My understanding of the complete ending is that it shows that both Wendy and Danny survived, but I do not feel that this really adds anything to the movie, and it certainly takes away the suspense.

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