Do you think Warren Buffett's Burkshire Hathaway should buy the Duracell brand?

  • Yes , i do think so

    Yes i do think Warren Buffet Burkshire should buy Duracell ,firstly in my opinion i think big products need a change of management from time to time , so things will get to evolve further , Duracell holders need the money so why not sell it to them right ? exactly

  • No reason to do so

    Warren Buffett buying Duracell wouldn't be anything to the layperson. Most people are unaware of exactly who owns most brand names to begin with. The corporate system of brand ownership is above the heads of most people. I suppose Buffett would give his all in making Duracell profitable on a consistent basis, of course.

  • More seperation please

    Companies buying another company is annoying. It's somewhat like defeating the competition simply by buying them out when they need it. Who knows, maybe each company would do well without the buy out and are just going through a rough patch. In this case, I feel like the companies should stay apart. Buyouts are silly.

  • No Not Really

    I do not believe Burkshire Hathaway should buy the Duracell brand. I think we need to slow down the pace at which we allow companies to compile. We are getting mega corporations that are destroying the economy for the majority of Americans. Unless he is going to do something powerful with the brand then it should be left alone.

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