Do you think we are doing our children a favor by introducing them to tablets before books nowadays?

Asked by: Mr.Lee
  • An early introduction to technology is a good thing

    The earlier that children are introduced to technology the better. Using tablets need not prevent them from reading books. Many adults read books on tablets and e-readers. In fact using a tablet to read a book can be far more immersive as unknown words can have hyper links to definitions and explanations. It would appear that the argument against would be a purely sentimental one.

    Posted by: AJC
  • Yes, we are

    The early stages of life are when children lay the foundation for there future learning experiences. In the future, as we all know, technology will vastly expand further and more quickly than we think. If technology is the future, we have to make that foundation based on technology. While introducing them to books won't really do them any harm, it won't be nearly as helpful as it will to introduce them to what they will most likely be using their whole lives: technology. It will always be there, so there is no use in teaching them with books if the majority of their experiences will be with technology.

  • Who is responsible for providing the tablets?

    In in many school systems, the ever- increasing number of financial obligations on vulnerable families for basic housing and food needs far exceeds ability to provide for learning technology like tablets.

    The growing trend of school districts adopting"bring your own device" first, widens the gap in learning opportunities between children who have ready access and choice of technology and those who do not; secondly, imposes more financial demands on working families to choose between systematized hunger for the adults in the family to provide technology for their children going to school; third, pressures publicly- funded school boards into the arms of corporate partnerships thus delivering young minds as captive audiences for sales.

    Show me a school district in which there are no problems of food and housing instability for school- aged children; I will gladly switch sides.

  • My opinion is as follows

    Children I think should have a more tangible experience when learning how to read. Also, I think it is crucial for part of a child's development is being read to by a parent. Tablets are fun, they are able to entertain children with videos and games, but I think they are no substitute for picture books or coloring pages.

  • Walk before Running

    It is important that children learn fundamental things such as reading and classic literature before getting introduced to technology. This is because technology can be very addicting and tires the eyes more since screens give off light. It would be bad to introduce a child to technology first, because then they may easily become reliant on technology, on certain functions such as SpellCheck which may be harmful to their language abilities.

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