• Yes, kids are educated enough about recycling.

    I think that the kids of today are being educated enough in regards to the importance of recycling. I think that there are enough information about recycling for kids and people to learn about. I think that children should be able to make their decisions in regards to the issue of recycling.

  • Education isn't the problem.

    Even back when I was young, the importance of recycling was made very apparent to me. As time has gone on and we've learned more and more about what mistreating the environment can cause to happen, I can only imagine that its importance is even further emphasized. What seems to be the bigger problem is the availability of proper recycling facilities. Most public places, at least where I am, don't have separate garbage and recyclable containers, for instance.

  • We need to recycle more

    We do not do enough to even recycle let alone even begin to teach our younger generations about the importance of recycling. We do not go over it and complain to them about the way the world is going. We need to start teaching our children by example. What we need to do is show them from first hand experience what needs to be done.

  • No we are not.

    We should be educating our kids about recycling both in the schools and at home. And it should not be just about recycling in terms of putting the bins out of the house with the trash but also about reusing and buying less and sharing resources instead of being such big consumers.

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