• We are headed for another recession.

    I agree that the country is headed for another recession based on the unemployment rate and the spending rate. There are more people out of work than ever, and those that have jobs are not making enough money to spend on luxuries. The "extras" that people can buy when there is abundance are not being used. People are more careful with their money and using it for necessities and not extras. This will lead to another recession.

  • We are in a bubble.

    Yes, I believe that we are headed for another recession, because we have bubbles in the financial markets, and the educational market, and those need to burst. Students graduate from school with $50K in debt and no real chance of getting a good job. When that bubble bursts, we're in for several very hard years, just like in 2008.

  • No,we are not headed for another recession.

    No,we are not headed for another recession.First,the global economy is improving today, the quality of live is became better than before;second, more and more countries communicate together and work for improving the economy in order to avoid another recession;third, some countries take more actions to avoid another recession by offering more jobs .

  • Local Economy is Strong

    I feel as if the recession will continue to recede. In the midwest, manufacturing jobs have returned and grown, service jobs are flourishing as a result, and the health care and supportive industries are thriving. Agriculture is a huge economic motivator as well. If the rest of the country can copy the ways of the Midwest there will be improved economic wealth.

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