• Jain book agam

    According to jain books jainism will decline as soon as mahavira dies as non violence will increase.....One more interesting thing book says jainism will declinw but will never get wipe out bcuz there will be some truthseekers always our book already have name of last jain man,women,man saint,woman saint when there will be end of world we even have d data when will world will end one more thing our book says non violence will increase also kasays will increase(kasay means non vegetarian eaters)indirectly sayimg islam will increase ......

  • Minority Indian Religion

    Jainism is a minority Indian religion that is losing traction in contemporary society. Jainism is a worthy religion that values life above all else. However, the religion is in decline as there aren't any famous people who promulgate Jainism. We hear of many famous followers of many religions, but Jainism isn't one of them.

  • Yes, we are.

    We are currently witnessing the decline of Jainism. The thing is is that this is not an anomaly. This is the case for every religion on the planet. Faith on earth is starting to dwindle, and now non-believers make up the 3rd largest demographic. The world is beginning to change.

  • Old traditions die

    Yes, I do think that there is a present decline of this old Indian religion, because the new generations are beginning to break away from it and try out new ideas, and forget the old culture. People today are starting to leave these old religions and live life how they want.

  • Yes, violence increaces in the world every year.

    Yes, jainism is on the decline. If you look at the statistics of every nation around the world violence is on the rise. The world economic structure is in a depression, and getting worse every year. People no longer have the means to afford basic necessities, thus they resort to violence, and crime to achieve those needs.

  • Westerners are taking notice.

    No, I do not think that we are witnessing Jainism's decline presently, because Jainism is rising in the West. People in the Western world are overwhelmed with stress and with their lives. As they look for alternative things, the non-violence taught in Jainism has become a viable alternative for many who are looking for the answers.

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