• Come from Monkeys?

    A monkey did not wake up in the morning one day and become a homo sapiens. The human species started to evolve from ape species with slight DNA changes from natural selections. We simply did not show up a monkey one day, then a human the next. We evolved over slight evolutionary changes.

  • Not from monkeys.

    Tho the species of ape that we did evolve from most likely does not exist anymore, we did not evolve from monkeys. We do share ancestors with monkeys but that makes them more like very, very, very distant cousins and not our ancestors. No idea why so many get that fact wrong.

  • This has been proven factually wrong

    Humans did not evolve from monkeys, apes, gorillas, or chimps. These are all modern species which have a few thousand years of separation from homo sapiens. We share a common ancestor, such as the Ancient African Primates, but human evolution is long, controversial, and full of LARGE gaps. Also that image, which was originally used to explain evolution, was also proven wrong. Several of the species within the chain are actually not related to one another and, as stated earlier, we did not evolve from chimps.

  • We evolved from the great ape species.

    Hominidae, from which we evolved, are primates but not monkeys. They are "Great apes". The Nakalipithecus species, apes, were very close to the last common ancestor of gorillas, chimpaneez, and humans. We evolved from these apes in this order: Hominoidea > Hominidae > Homininae > Hominini > Homo. None of which are monkeys. If you are interested in evolution and the population of the earth, I recommend (further support) "Human Prehistory and the First Civilizations". It's one of The Great Courses narrated by Professor Brian M. Fagan and available on audible.Com for listening at a fraction of the usual cost.

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  • Thought something was bogus

    I saw "88% say No" and thought, "really?". But then I realized - the smarter than the average bear evos would all say "No, we evolved from some other species, not monkey". We don't know exactly what that species was, but we know beyond a shadow of doubt that we evolved from some unknown species.

    But there's plenty of evidence that man is a special creation. He shares features with other species, of course, but also has RADICAL differences, such as the ability to run web forums. To get the big brain in the same package as walking upright, horizontally opposed thumbs, need for clothing, etc. etc. - it sure looks like a package deal, not gradualism.

  • Because we are not monkeys

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  • It's obvious isn't it

    Do you really think we came from monkeys? I mean really? I mean do you know that science has literally found out nothing about anything. Where is the missing link? I'll tell you: nowhere. Every time you find one is a fraud or something else. For me, if there is a missing link it would have surely been found.

  • Not exactly true.

    We evolved like any other animals did. However we evolved from an ape like creature that is described as the missing link between us and the beloved apes of today. The monkeys that live trees in Africa and Asia today also evolved from the same family of animals millions of years ago, which is why we share so much DNA and physical features (the fact we have two legs, opposable thumbs, our facial structure etc.) So although this questions probably comes from a mind thinking along the right path, it's not entirely correct.

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