• Not just America

    The world is a throw away society, big corporations (and also the consumer) are upgrading, constantly for what? I'm using a TV from 1993 connected to a DTV box and the picture looks fine, and I'd never bother to spend the money on a newer set, my oven is old too and works fine and will last longer than anything made today, and can actually be repaired easily unlike flatscreen sets which became dominant around 2007 or so, my friend who works in a electronics recycling centre gets more older appliances working than not working, why? Because the consumer thinks they need the upgrade when all it is the regular consumer has just become snobby, largely helped by the big corporations

  • Most definitely yes.

    Obviously we have a throw away society! Everyone is focused on what new, whats hot, how we can make things better. No one cares about anyone or anything anymore. We all just want the new; and what do we do with the old? Throw it all away. Were not just talking about material things, but our minds are being thrown away. Society is teaching us that its not normal to think a certain way and that everyone needs to be the same.Its crazy how horrible things are

  • We do have !!

    We heave a realy bad and horribly wrong throw away society. Why? Simple , nobody cares. The reason why is because we all have too much in our head we have too many problems and too many complications. Throw away society doesn't mean we necessarily throw stuff away . We throw our selfs and community's away because we simply don't care

  • No words needed

    Basically because all the evidence that our society is throwaway is right in front of us all. I'm doing a chemistry assignment and my question is "so we live in a throw away civilisation? Are plastics we are making going to outlast us?". In my assignment I basically have said yes to both questions.

  • Totally! We are a throw away society!

    People always litter. When i was in 3rd grade, I was waiting for the bus when suddenly, a guy driving a car chucked his soda out of his window. In my opinion, this is stupid. People are more lazy these days. If I were president, I would cancel littering! Got it?

  • Obviously we have.

    Real beauty has been thrown away causing our children and young adults to believe to be beautiful or handsome you have to look a certain way. The real aspect of respect has been thrown away, I can't even count how many disrespectful teenagers there are out in this world. Sadly, adults can be included in this.

  • YES, we have!

    We definitely have become a throw-away society because everything that we use involves throwing something away. After opening a new package or a food product, there is always a protective wrapper to throw out. We have our cell phones for maybe two years before we need to buy a new one to replace the old technology (and also to replace a cracked screen). Why should we need to buy new shoes constantly because they were made so cheaply? If the companies actually made the shoes well, then they would be out of business for sure. Plus, all of the name brand companies are able to charge ridiculous amounts of money for their products, even though they were made cheaply to begin with.

  • We do not value people.

    Yes, we have become a throw-away society, because we do not value people. Obama wants to throw away old people, when they should just be given a pill and allowed to die, rather than have surgery. Women are thrown away, when they are encouraged to have sex at a young age.

  • Everything we do, something is thrown away.

    There's one of the original 'flatscreen' TV's sitting in my attic. I can't bring myself to throw it away, even though I have new TV's in all the places I could want them. It is in perfectly good condition, with a remote. The problem is, it has no value. I can't sell it, because no one wants a CRT TV (with the big back on it) I can't give it away, most everyone I know would opt for an LED TV. So what do I do with this outdated and unwanted technology? The only option I really have is to throw it away. I can't in my right mind throw it away, so it sits in my attic, waiting for the day when it might be useful again. This is how hoarding starts.

  • Yes We Have

    I don't think it, I know it. America is a throw-away society and this is very easy to see. Americans throw away viable items all the time and then replace them right away as well. I think our lifestyle has a huge problem when it comes to assessing needs and wants.

  • Were do we live?

    We live somewhere a throw away society is common.Why can't we make a change?There is a lot of reason and everyone has a reason why not to do it.They say we should change whenthey don't do anything at all.We have toys and clothes thrown away when you can donate.Yet no one seem to care that there are children cold and sad.Wouldn't you like to see a child happy and warm?

  • You are all gay

    We has a nice society and I like minecraft. Without us then there will be no mincraft shut up I disagree with all you of you stupids. IM older thanall of you I play minecraft not that bad roblox ha ha ha ha ha ha I hope you agree with me

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