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  • Not on the poor young

    The majority of investments go to families that come from stable backgrounds. The poor people get a little bit in charity but less investments from government. Government officials are terrible at helping out poorer neighborhoods. If they really wanted to change the structure of the country, that would be the first place to start. Investing in the poor youth

  • No we don't

    No we don't if we invested more into our youth we would be the world leader in education. We are running dead last against every developed country in the world. Our kids are lazy and they do not have fear of authority figures at all. They are running amok around this country. We have kids killing kids over stupid things. Japan keeps their kids busy with school all the time. Our kids have too much free time on their hands.

  • No, we need to make changes.

    I think we fail our youth miserably. Our education system is out dated. Most teachers are only concerned with tenure and have lost the passion for teaching children. School principals main concerns are getting money from the state, and getting the kids to graduate with the least amount of trouble. Then the kids graduate and they don't have a clue what to do next because they have not been prepared for the real world - and people wonder what's wrong with the kids.

  • I do not think we invest enough in the youth and their future.

    I do not think we invest enough in the youth and their future. It seems that the national debt is going to be inherited by the youth and future generations, so it is quite obvious that we have not invested enough into the youth and their future. The educational system in America is very poor and the prospects for jobs for future generations seems far worse than generations of the past.

  • No, we don't invest enough in the youth and their future.

    I do not think that the government of America invests enough right now to make sure the youth have a successful future. Investing in the youth of America is something that we know will benefit the future of America. I think that more should be done to make sure that the next generation succeeds.

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