• Not the right question.

    Of course we should all care about human rights. The issue is that people view and define them differently.
    Right to Security of Person: (Everyone has the right to life, Liberty and security of person. )
    Some people (vegans) want to extend this right to livestock and other animals. Some people (pro-choice) don't consider a fetus/unborn baby a person/human being so wish to deny them the right to life because they focus on the liberty of the woman who became pregnant.

  • Yes because I want this world to be better

    Bad corrupt are in power. Unjust rules can be created and the widow and orphans and weak are pushed around. I want to fight for the rights and behalf of people with no voice. I cannot go into detail but I will do everything in my power to help to in need.

  • Human rights were developed for us to have a better society.

    It is important for us to give attention about our human rights as these rights are what gives us freedom to do anything in our society as long as it is morally right and is legal under the constitution/laws of your country. If a society doesn't have human rights it would make it a total chaos, How ironic that some people doesn't care about human rights and says that these rights ain't needed which by the way gives us the right to live, Have freedom, Have the rights to express themselves, Etc. . I don't even know how can you be expressing your own opinion right now if you don't have the rights.

  • What a stupid question

    What is the true term of human right? There is no such definite term of human right because its simply vague and broad. There are certain groups of people whose right should not be respected such as LGBT and prisoners.

    But nowdays we just want to extend the human right to everyone including to people who don't deserve to have those right in the first place.

    If you ask my true opinion, Indeed i do oppose LGBT right because i simply believe that being a gay is a personal choice and not something that you genetically inborn with. In fact everyone is naturally born straight, That whats our mother nature created reproduction to be between male and female to all sentinent beings.

    Legalizing or condone gay sex or same sex marriage is inherently harmful and dangerous because they are the main cause of HIV/AIDs disease to be widespread. Back in the year before 1970s when homosexual was still a crime, Little was known about this disease and at that time its was very uncommon. But nowadays the disease has become so potent and deadly that it cause 30 million death per year. Also unfortunately there is still no medicine to cure this disease.

    Yet, Now lets talk about prisoners. I find its simply ridiculous that most human right organization now oppose death penalty eventhough in reality its the most humane and quick way to kill a prisoner. Life in prison without parole, Would be grossly inhumane and its the most degrading way to die for a prionser as they have to spend the rest of their life in a tiny filthy room with their right being very limited including no access to health care and safety. Most of prisoners who were sentenced to life in prison mostly die from diease or being brutally maltreated by other prisoner or prison guard.

    Lastly what oona says was correct. We cover offences that shouldn't suppose to be criminalized such as harassment and stalking.

    Let me tell you from my life experience, I have been witness and even being the victim of online harassment and stalking by myself but i literally don't care so much about them.

    There are so many ways to cope with someone who want to offend your feeling by simply blocking them or not replying to their message. But to criminalize and putting someone into jail just because they say something that makes you feel upset or offended, Is unfair and unjust.

    We have the right to freedom of speech and expression that allow us to speak out and express our feelings.

    Also lastly i agree with Oona. We should also have freedom to murder people there are some peope out there that shouldn't live. Thats why the PURGE should be legalized and announce to public.

  • No, Human are arrogant and selfish and they don't deserve respect and honor.

    I think having too strict human right law only make people to feel frustrated and distress. I know that you guys may dislike my opinion, But i truly believe that even most serious crime should be legal such as murder.

    In fact, There should be no definition of crime or crime against humanity because its a fundamental freedom and right to allow people to fully express their anger and hatred.

    Most homicide crimes are mainly target bad people or people who simply misbehave. Good people are rarely being the target as there are no reason to kill good guys.

    Take an example of school shooting. Do you guys really think those bullies really deserve to live after all they have cause grievous trauma to the victim?

    If you guys vote for them to live, Then you are running in the wrong direction.

    Bullies should receive the utmost gruesome punishment including being murdered.

    The sad fact that bullies never been convicted and brought to trial for their action because the society judge them as juveniles and therefore should be forgiven.

    But i was a victim of bullying for 10 years and i have a outrage feeling everyday that i want to kill my bullies.

    But its unfair for me, Because if i murder them, I would go to prison for life.

    But if bullies hit me or punch me, They won't face punishment at all. That is so not justified.

    That's why please vote for PURGE to be legalized and please vote no on this debate topic.

    I would be very appreciated. Thanks!

  • Humans deserve nothing good but condemnation and punishment

    Why should we have human right after all? Look at in the past, There are little concern about human right and even one of worst human right abuse are legal such as slavery and torture.

    We should bring those practice back to nowadays.

    The main reason why i think we should not concern about human right because it has little to no benefit to other sentient beings and the environment.

    Look at what we humans had done to other animals and the environment? We pollute the earth and drive millions of wild animals species to extinction.

    Worst than that, Animal cruelty such as slaugtherhouse has become a norm in human society. We not only slaugthered millions of domesticated animals for food but also for leather and clothes. Actually its absolutely unnecessary to do that, But we still do it and many of us still turn a blind eye on animal cruelty.

    Like i said, Previously, We should legalized the purge which mean legalized all crimes including murder for the sake of poor animals, For the sake of our environment.

    If human population are on decline, That would provide huge advantage to both animals and the environment. Animals would be very happy and cheer for it.

    If animals could talk, They would 100 % certainly vote for the PURGE to be legalized.

    And on this debate i expect you guys to vote no, Please!

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