• This is a great idea to celebrate

    I see celebrating winter solstice is a great idea because we can celebrate with our friends and family for another round in the year. Just like celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas, adults and children get the chance to sit together and have a blast for celebrating their hard work in the year. This is a way to enhance the relationship between family members and friends. So it is a great idea!

  • I think so

    If people want to celebrate winter solstice why shouldn't they? I think people should be allowed to celebrate they want to. We should not discriminate in what people want to celebrate. I personally would not celebrate winter solstice, but if others want to I don't have a problem with it.

  • No, winter solstice should not be celebrated

    No, the United States should not celebrate winter solstice. Too many holidays would diminish the significance of each holiday. Americans have significant holidays to celebrate important events in history as well as religious holidays. There is little need for more holidays in America. The closing of stores, banks, and lack of mail service on many holidays is an inconvenience that should be limited.

  • Just an excuse to spend money.

    New holidays are just excuses for us to spend more money to support the economy. It creates new junk and work that serves no real purpose. It would be bad for the environment and not serve any useful purpose whatsoever. Let's get rid of some other holidays while we are at it.

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