Do you think we should follow the news about Egypt?

  • Must Follow Egypt

    Without a doubt, citizens in the developed world need to follow news as it pertains to Egypt since the country is going through a period of great change. A person that ignores Egypt will find that they're out of the loop and have no idea what's actually going on. Egypt's revolution is important for the rest of the world in certain ways.

  • Of course we should

    Even though it is not our country we should still follow the news about Egypt as much as possible. We are supposed to have really good diplomatic relations with this country and we have good trade relations. We need to know what is going on there to see what future policy will be.

  • World news affects us all

    News throughout the world, even if its very far away, affects all of us. This statement may seem obvious to some, and even self evident, but many people do not really understand this. What is happening throughout the Muslim world is very important for the people in the region, and to the US in the long term.

  • Egypt is Key African, Muslim Ally

    Egypt is one of the few Arab nations that the United States has a decent relationship with (unlike Iran and Syria). Egypt is also a cultural center with ancient civilizations that used to live there. Egypt also shares a border with Israel/Palestine. Everyone should follow news on what happens in Egypt because any inflammation of political tensions in that country could touch off regional conflicts with its neighbors.

  • Only If It Interests You

    I believe a person should follow news stories because they find them interesting or they directly impact their life. I do not believe we should feel committed to following the news about Egypt, if it is a topic that someone is interested in, then by all means they should follow it. If not, they should not be condemned for not knowing all the details.

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