• The real world.

    In the real world, you will have to work in order to make a living, very likely eight or more hours a day, five days a week. This is assuming you're in a low position job, any higher position will require more hours. Because this is true, children need to learn from a young age to get work done on their own, without a teacher or other adult honing in over them and making sure they do their work. If you have a deadline at work, it is your responsibility to make sure your printer works beforehand. Also, it helps you to learn. Stress is engraved in our society and in reality it can be a good thing (but that's a debate for another time).

  • Legodude 's argument makes the case for homework

    Legodude, your spelling and punctuation reveal that, for you, like the rest of the world, homework is a necessity. When you grow up, you will be competing against other kids who will have a better standard of education, especially from the Far East. There they study at private schools at weekends to improve their foreign languages, as well as doing homework. If you want to earn enough money to have a good life, and a job that's more enjoyable than cleaning toilets then quit whining and work, darling!

  • Learning requires repetition and revision of material

    To remember a skill or information, one needs to revise and repeat it regularly. It is for this reason why learning cannot only be kept in school.

    It has been shown through studies and personal experience that a person learns something effectively by revising it regularly. For example, a student needs to learn historical facts of the second world war; if he revises this information twice a day everyday for a week then he will remember it much more effectively than if he learnt it once and only covered it again a few months later. So consider an English teacher wants to teach his students vocabulary and grammar. His students have to learn it under a deadline before exams and it won't be possible if they only cover it during class time. The teacher teaches the material and by the next lesson the students have already forgotten it. So, the teacher sets a homework activity that revises the material.

    This argument is perhaps most easily understood about language subjects. Anyone who has tried to learn a language will know that learning a word once is not enough to learn it and remember it; it takes repetition and revision. Doing this during class time is all very good, but covering it again after school is even more effective and this is why students should have homework.

  • Homework is necessary

    Schools must give home works to pupils. Doing homework makes the students more responsible. The prime assignment for a student is to study weather they are at home or at school. So they must spent much of their time in studying. Yes it can be argued that they are learning in every activity they do. But I say that Schools should give assignments to students according to student's capacity. Not every student will get the same homework.

  • Practice Makes Perfect!

    If you do not take home your work and practice, practice, practice, how will you ever master it? Certainly Michael Jordan did not just enter the basketball court and play for games! He had to continue to practice over and over again and when he felt like giving up, he still had to keep practicing!

  • No I am tired of it

    I am tired of going home doing homework especially when your a 6th grader
    1) Home teaches nothing what does it do if it does help the kids who are having trouble why not give the kids who are having trouble
    2) Takes up time. Children spend a amount of time all night doing homework is it fair to us children to stay up till twelve and you teachers get to have your fun time?
    - I cant even spend time with my family anymore because in my school they just love giving homework and when you don't do it they scream at you here is the amount they give me each day
    Pretty much right now my teacher wants me to type up something and return it tomorrow you think I am able to turn it in by tomorrow and if we don't do it why are they so worried about it??? Like its our body to do it if we need the help this is why I like elementary more better.
    3) Stressful
    They make you go type something up and bring it by tomorrow. What if your printer isn't working?? Then later they say no excuses and sometimes they don't let you print and do you think someone has time for going up and down to find a available printer and pay.

    Children should not get homework

  • It is detrimental

    Recent research has shown that homework given in the youngest school grades from K-4 is in fact detrimental to a child's education. It does not help them learn and just creates resentment towards learning practices and difficulties at home. It send the message to children that learning is a chore and this can turn them off learning for life.

    The same research has shown that in per primary years (grades 5-6) while homework is not detrimental, there are zero positive benefits. They found that kids do no homework get the exact same results as kids who do homework.

    For grades 7-8 there are negligible benefits. This means that yes, there is a small lift in test scores for those who do homework, but it is so small that it's not worth the effort.

    For 9th-10th grade the benefits are small, and only in 11th and 12th grade did they find valuable benefits.

    While kids are doing homework, there could be so many other beneficial things they could be learning. Like social skills, drawing, cooking, arts and crafts, exersize, sports,
    Earning a musical instrument, and so on.

  • It basicaly not called for

    You cant just claim homework past test
    1 I have trouble in some subjects and by looking at the comments one of you said kids font pay attention so they cant do it. Basically I am struggling in social studies my teacher has givin me hw no effect on me.
    2 Wheres the proof hw makes practice
    3 There is no proof hw makes children smarter

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Home work sucks