Do you think we should have religious schools?

Asked by: BoTigga
  • There is no problem with religious schools.

    I went to Catholic school and we learned about other faiths and evolution. People of other faiths were welcome to my school. If they were atheist they didn't have to go to religion class.My atheist friends were happy there and I was happy to go to religion class. There was no problems. There is nothing wrong with religious people wanting their children to be educated about their faith while at school. If you have a big problem with religion being thought in school don't send your children there. It's simple.

  • It makes me sad to hear about how twisted Christianity is internationally, but over here in NZ, yes.

    I went to a Christian primary that did not even begin to attempt the brainwashing that BoTigga mentions. They taught evolution, they taught just the normal curriculum- the only different thing was a few lessons about the morals that NZ Christianity feels (Again seems other countries have perverted those, in NZ the morals are to be kind and to treat all as you would like to be treated and to be good to society, etc.)

    Get rid of the idiotic stuff, like treating everything in the bible literally, and even overseas I'd recommend keeping religious schools. Come to think of it, I'm only speaking of Christian schools- religious schools in general should still be kept, as it can keep cultural diversity.

  • You go to school to learn and believing is the opposite of learning.

    There are people who learn like agnostics atheist and non religious theists and never stop learning til they die and people who believe like Christians and all religious people who stop learning as children when they haven't learned hardly anything. Every country has a religion that contradicts every other countries religion. And the people who believe in them want to kill everybody else because they were raised differently while there are atheists and agnostics all over the world who don't contradict each other. As a cop who would you listen to? The party who contradicts each other or the party who has their story straight? Being that religion has opposed every moral progress such as ending slavery, the diminution of war, ending racism, gay rights, colored peoples rights, animal rights etc. I say that religion should be illegal so that we can learn right from wrong at a faster rate and base our moralities on reason instead of blind contradictory faiths that make us all want each other dead.

  • I do not think we should have religious schools.

    I feel this way because I once went to a religious school. At my school, I had experienced no difference than any other school I had been to (non religious) except for the fact that my religious school (not speaking on the behalf for all of them) focused on brainwashing us and not really letting us think. For example: There was a student in my class who had asked if Adam and eve were the first, when did the dinosaurs come in. The teacher never actually gave him an answer besides basically believe in this 'sacred book'. I have other reasons why I personally don't think this is a good idea,but I'm really excited to hear your thoughts on this topic! :)

  • No, no, heck no.

    While some people do get some comfort from religious beliefs, in view of the massive amount of horror inflicted upon humanity by religion, down through history, I have to see religion as quite a net negative. I wish it was gone entirely, and while that ain't happenin,' at the least we can try and keep it out of the schools as much as possible.

    Thousands of years ago the priesthood arose. These people figured out that many other people were fearful, uncertain, superstitious, etc. The priests carved out a cushy deal for themselves - in return for "shepherding the masses toward heaven, or the afterlife, etc.," the priests would be given places to live, food and clothing, all for doing basically nothing. Yee haa....

    Sad to say, it's with us still.

  • No . .

    Schools are made to learn, not to believe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Need 22 words left . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • No there should not

    Religious schools and regular schools them having to be seperated is like another form of segregation. I don't mean that offensively but if you really have to put your kid in a school where the only difference between the two is one teaches religion and the other doesn't that doesn't sound right. Everyone should be able to go to the same school as everyone else and once they go home in your own time that's the time you can practice your religion. The bottom line is school and religion are two different things that don't go together so don't put them together.

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