Do you think we should limit the amount of homework given?

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  • I think students are given way too much homework and they should limit the burden.

    This will probably be a long argument like I'm in a debate, but I'm too busy with homework to do a debate, but I digress. Anyway, to start off, no, I don't think we should just get rid of homework COMPLETELY. I think that it a bit overboard. Homework is useful...When given out appropriately. For example, my Pre-Calculus teacher gives out a perfect amount homework. I think the logical solution with this problem is to limit the amount of homework given. In my school, we have 8 classes, each with 1 hour and 30 minutes of class time; therefore, we should have around an hour of homework for each class, not 4-7 hours because that's ridiculous and I'll elaborate.

    1. Students are becoming more and more depressed and I think one of the factors is the overburdening of homework. Students should be given a time to relax. Recreation and relaxation is essential for the brain to maintain itself. Not everyone is going to do homework everyday, 24/7 and nothing else. Just overburdening students with work is actually counter-productive for students.

    2. It's kind of useless and it's really unnecessary.
    The primary reasons for it being useless is because homework, in my class at least, covers the very vast majority of work of class. Practically 80% of the work you do for a class, in my school, is homework. 20% is the actual work you do in class most of the time. It's ridiculous. Also, the homework, in actuality, is NOT CHALLENGING. It's just BUSY WORK and excruciatingly TEDIOUS. It's just loads of work that you have to do and you basically learn nearly nothing from it. All you did was essentially work until 2:00 in the morning.

    3. Finland barely gives homework and look what happened.

    4. Homework should be a tool for REVIEW, not a tool to give students work just to give them work.

    That's really all of the reasons I can think of for right now. I have to go because of homework.

  • Too much homework, not enough sleep

    There are students out there who come home from school and do their homework for 6 or more hours and stay up all night just to finish their homework or study for an upcoming test. Should this be happening?

    A study shows that staying up late just to study for a test increases the chance of failing than not studying and going to bed early and getting enough sleep. This is because even if you study too much at night but don't get enough sleep your brain can not concentrate and think as you write your test. Same with staying up to do homework. Let's say you stay up until 2am and get up at 6am. You are only getting 4 hours of sleep and the next day you are super tired and cannot concentrate in class on lessons and what the teacher is saying. Instead you find yourself falling asleep in class. Then you go home, you attempt your homework but don't understand anything because you couldn't pay attention in class. And now you have to spend even more time studying meaning more work on your hands and lesser and lesser sleep.

    So please, if you ever find yourself doing your homework for endless hours and staying up, PLEASE go to sleep and the next day explain to the teacher it was late at night and you had to go to bed. Trust me, staying up late at night makes you unable to concentrate or learn anything the next day.

    Teachers need to realize they are giving their students WAY TOO MUCH HOMEWORK and step into the poor child's shoes a little and see what its like waking up at 6am, going to school, coming home and doing homework and then staying up late. They need to realize that the life of a child or teen is only about schoolwork.



    Homework can cause a lot of stress and frustration. Many teens already get bullied at school and then to give these teens extra homework puts even more stress on them. These are the main reasons why teens are stressed -- peer pressure and schoolwork. It is said that school is good for your brain but can be bad for your health.

  • I think students are given too much homework especially grades 6-12.

    Well each teacher gives you different amounts of homework and you can't tell them that you don't have time. Maybe your math teacher gives you two pages, Science a worksheet, CORE you get 3 worksheets, and you get two research projects from your two electives. That is going to keep you up all nigh long. And that can affect the student's nerves by not having enough sleep and can give you a headache from all the work and lot of stress. Can you object. It's good to have homework if you have nothing to do, but after school you'll be thinking of why you ever said that.

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