• We Should Prepare Ourselves

    I personally think that civics is an important topic for politicians because it was affected by the government and it has been discussed in the past. I personally think that civics is an important topic for politicians because you learn about the government and how it can affect so many people.

  • Yes, we should prepare for deflation.

    I think America as a whole should prepare for deflation. There are a lot of signs to suggest that it may happen. But even if it does not, there is nothing wrong with always preparing for the worse and hoping the best. I do think that it is not going to happen though.

  • Deflation is not a big concern.

    I really don't think that deflation is something that we need to prepare ourselves for. It's a common topic for Internet armchair economists, because the prospect of deflation and its impact on the economy are scary. People like to read scary stuff. But when it comes to reality, deflation isn't going to be much of an issue.

  • Not likely to have a drop in demand

    Deflation would necessarily require a drop in demand for the USD that the Federal Reserve could not manage to fix. Given the rather broad powers that the Federal Reserve has to withdraw currency from circulation, such as a nuclear option of a massive increase in reserve requirements, it is very unlikely that a situation would arrive to cause deflation endogenously from currency-based reasons alone.

  • No We Shouldn't

    Deflation is the price dropping for consumer good because inflation drops below 0%. I do not believe there is a reason to prepare for deflation because I feel it is unlikely to happen. Even if it did happen its not something the consumer should bother to prepare for because it simply means they'll have more buying power.

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