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  • Children need clear messages when being raised

    Children need consistent and clear messages when being raised. They are often taught that violence is inappropriate as a solution to problems or as a treatment of other people, especially the weaker and that bullying is wrong. However, it confuses them and even renders the nonviolence message as hypocrisy when physical violence is then used to discipline them.

  • No, I don't think we should reintroduce corporal punishment.

    I don't believe corporal punishment has very many positives attached to it, it puts fear into people and can even physically leave them injured if it is administrative incorrectly, I think we should put more focus on positive re-enforcement as opposed to negative re-enforcements like corporal punishment is designed around.

  • No, I don't.

    There are some cases where I do wish corporal punishment should be involved. But the problem with this is where to draw the line, and which people to give corporal punishment to. Say there's a serial killer, and he is sentenced to live in jail and then be executed. Is it also okay to beat him every day? Probably not.

  • Violence begets violence

    Corporal punishment should not be put upon either adults or children. Violence begets violence and even though it sounds ridiculous, a way to truly civilize this country is not for our citizens to live under the threat of violence, even criminals, but to treat them compassionately and humanely. This is the way.

  • No We Shouldn't

    I think eliminating corporal punishment was a step forward in regard to human rights. I do not think it is right to reintroduce corporal punishment. I believe we are capable of punishing our criminals without physically harming them and I think those punishments are more humane and more effective at the same time.

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