Do you think we should save the red pandas from being en-dangered?

Asked by: LoveDatDebate
  • We should save red pandas

    Red pandas are endangered by people killing them for fur hats and their soft fur coats. They are dying of habitat loss, food loss, animal traps, and animals killing the endangered animal. Red pandas also are my second favorite animal and my sister's first favorite. I agree on saving them!

  • Red pandas are awesome.

    Because it should be a helped from the endangered animals hunters or should i say poachers??? Save them now and trump wont become president so help save them so they dont freakin die. They are the hostage day are da diyin so help so we can help help deez nuts

  • Red Pandas should be saved. Have they been hurting and doing stuff to us?

    They are just animals, and they are being killed. I mean, they do nothing to us. They do not hurt us or bother us. We should not be bothering them just for stupid wood. Please help the Red Pandas that people care about. And, BTW: They are really cute cuddly.

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