Do you think we should stop using video game as a scapegoat on violent acts ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Cause and correlation.

    Statistically it has been disproved, or rather, proved that proof cannot be found to suggest video games are responsible for violent acts. And think about it, how is knowing how to press the Y button to shoot going to teach people how to use a gun? Is there a giant X button on every knife? No, people should stop blaming video games.

  • Come on, guys

    ESRB exists for a reason. Whenever you hear those one off cases about a kid who went and killed a bunch of people, then blamed his actions on a video game, the kid isn't old enough to be playing the game in the first place. The rating system exists so that impressionable kids don't play games like GTA. I say we blame irresponsible parents who let their children play these games.

  • Pointing fingers will not solve any problems.

    Certain members of society always attack the modern entertainment medium. Before video games existed, the targets were comic books and television. The problem is not as simple as "Video games kill people". Our society's lack of assistance for the mentally ill gets people killed. Murderers are a small group of people who have violent reactions to media and should receive treatment.

  • Yes,yes and yes

    Video game now a day is a scape goat for everything what's happen.It's seems people like to blame on others.Some people even blame video game on violent crime which it isn't true.It decrease crime.Your behavior comes from yourself not from others.So it is your problem if you don't want to change your behavior. Scape goat isn't fair for video game industry and for video game fans.So i wish this wouldn't happen again.PLEASE JUST STOP.

  • If surgeon simulator doesn't make me a surgeon...

    Why does GTA make me a murder? Facts have proven that people who are violent after playing video games were also violent BEFORE a video game. There really is no more evidence needed, not even mentioning that I guarantee you 50% of the people rioting g in baltimore, Ferguson, ect, do not play video games.

  • Why did we even start?

    I'm glad I found this question on here because this is a particular topic which winds me up to no end. In the UK most violent cutscenes in video games are censored or cut completely because people complain that they incite violence. That is simply not the case. If somebody plays a video game or watches a film with violence in it and then decides to go and replicate it in real life by committing a violent crime then they are responsible for their own actions, not the game or film. The only exception to this is if the offender is a very young child who is not old enough to understand what they are doing but if they are that young then they shouldn't be playing those sorts of games to start with.

  • Playing video games doesn't make you violent.

    It's like saying watching Halloween makes you Michael Myers. Video games didn't exist back in World War 2 to inspire Hitler and they aren't responsible for Stalin or Osama Bin Laden. Just because someone who killed a bunch of people played Black Ops 2 in their spare time doesn't mean that is the reason they did it. And if it is, they're mentally unstable, just like anyone else who commits homicide. Back when there were kings and castles, there was violence, rape and so on, was there video games? No. I'm not a secret agent just because I watch James Bond, and I'm not a pirate just because I watch pirate movies. I'm going to quote Mike from Breaking Bad here, but it's relevant: "Just because you shot Jesse James doesn't make you Jesse James."

  • It cannot be just video games

    Modern society as a whole put pressures on people to be something and violence is somewhat a part of that. Especially in young people there are problems brought on by influences such as friends and media. It could be said that video games are a part of this but TV shows and the role models shown on modern news and in the world around us portray an image of violence as protection that we are asked and expected to adhere to.

  • To blame are the ones who committed the crimes.

    I play violent video games and last thing I killed was probably a bacterium on my arm when I scratched it just now. The violent mindset leads to violent behavior. Video games are a pastime, and unless there's a causation between video games and real-world violence (which I am not currently aware of) then I don't want them scapegoated because I value truth.

  • Blaming on video games is offensive to all of us.

    The truth fact is that most of us play violent games in our lifetime. While teen and young kids play it more often than adults. But however to blame only on video games, hurt majority of people especially those who have no violent behavior. Some politician are trying to pinpoint only on video games because they know it's the easiest way to do. They do this because simply they want to protect the right of citizen to own a gun.They don't want guns to be banned or confiscated otherwise they will lost profit. Meanwhile they can earn a lot because gun industry is a very lucrative business.

    Eventually they know that video game are innocent and there is no correlation between violent games and real world violence but they ignore that fact. In fact, they are trying to skewed the truth by telling people repeadently that video game cause violent behavior.

    So stop blaming video games. You don't solve any problems by doing that, it only make the situation more worse than before.

  • Video game can have an negative effect.

    Video game can influence young people negatively due to their brain are not fully develop and might feel confuse between fantasy and reality.And video game can lowered our inhibition and sensitiveness to violence.Many studies has proven that after playing games for several hours it increase aggression and violence behavior so.

  • Violent video game is not a scapegoat !!!!!

    What kind of stupid question is this ?? Violent video games has ruin innocent of young kids which affected their behavior badly .Many Research conducted survey that kids who are a avid first-person shooter are more likely to respond aggressive and solve in a conflict situation in an violent way than those who are not a fan of violent games . Don 't you remember what happen in Sandy Hook Elementary SCHOOL ? Adam Lanza he play spontaneously violent games since he was a kid.

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  • Was going to agree with Donderpants ...

    ... Concerning the fact that it has not been proven. There are far too many other factors at play to say that it alone definitively increases ones likelihood to be violent. But that last part ... Theres more to it than pushing the x or y button, and you know that. Youre totally discarding the entire video aspect of it and the processing that goes on upstairs to make you want to press that x button at whatever given time. There are tendancies that it forces on you through reward in-game. It trains you. Youre arguing that the physical aspect of the game that is conferred is not making people deadly, but violent acts aren't stemmed from the physical aspects of the game ... They're stemmed from the mental conditioning you're receiving from it.

    To clarify though, im not saying its entirely the games fault or that it should be the 'scapegoat'. It is a contributing factor though and should be recognized as such.

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jaksunmadness says2015-05-13T09:09:38.020
There is no proof that video games increases violence. The most violent nations are devoid of video game owners (African and middle east nations foe example). It's just another popular liberal easy filler whine that has no proof or is easily debunked just like animal activism, feminism, and anti-religion claims.
Dilara says2015-07-07T14:54:33.880
It depends. Sometimes they have a direct corrolation with the act and other times they don't.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-11-24T15:36:43.713
No nation is devoid of video games. Some of the most third world places you can think of are full of them. Korea, Vietnam, Philippines ... Iraq has a ton of gaming going on on their crappy Mux/Sat internet connections. Being in the dirt doesnt stop them from playing. Plus I dont think game makers would be putting Arabic language packs out if they didnt think there was a market for it.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-11-24T15:37:03.683
No nation is devoid of video games. Some of the most third world places you can think of are full of them. Korea, Vietnam, Philippines ... Iraq has a ton of gaming going on on their crappy Mux/Sat internet connections. Being in the dirt doesnt stop them from playing. Plus I dont think game makers would be putting Arabic language packs out if they didnt think there was a market for it.