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  • I think we spend too little on education.

    I think we spend too little on education. The public education system is poorly funded by the Government. Public schools are getting more crowded and there isn't enough room to accommodate all of the students that are enrolling in the school system. Public school buildings are old and dilapidated, textbooks are often old and outdated. The public school system has very limited resources.

  • We spend too little on education.

    We spend too little on education. Our schools could do much better if more funds were available to them. We hardly pay the teachers very much for their services and if we spent more on them then we would get better educated and harder teachers pushing our students to do better.

  • No, I think we spend too little on education.

    Overall I think more funding could go towards education, I feel there needs to be strict controls on how the funds we do give to school districts is being used, I think education is vitally important to the future of the nation so the more money and resources we can dedicate to the education system the better.

  • The most important thing

    Many go throughout their lives being illiterate or ill-prepared for society at large because of the continuous cuts we make to education and the high importance we place on standardized testing, cutting funds for schools that perform lower instead of identifying what the real problem is, and all it does is harm students.

  • No, I think we are far behind in education

    America is far behind every other country that poses a threat to the US. Our math skills are just awful, but so is our linguistic skills. I think a strong campaign for teaching kids useful skills, rather than fluff, should solve these issues. Times have changed if we roll with the punches, we can have a better system.

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