• Humans Unconsciously Submit to Peer Pressure

    Yes, humans unconsciously submit to peer pressure. This can be seen everywhere in life. Teenagers always like to wear the latest fashions and listen to the "best" music. Meanwhile, adults do much the same, wearing what is considered most appropriate for their age group. Often times, individuals who do this are not aware of the fact that they are.

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do

    Peer pressure happens almost automatically because we want to be accepted by our friends. It begins at a young age when kids mimic the behavior of their parents, which in turn leads kids to mimic those friends they admire. Peer pressure is almost a kind of admiration gone awry combined with going along with what a group does.

  • Yes, we do submit to peer pressure.

    Most of us, even those of us who think that we make different choices than most people, do unconsciously submit to peer pressure or we would not have the houses, cars, and belongings that we do. Only those who live "of the grid" as it were can claim to be immune from this.

  • In everything around

    It is in everything when in a peer group, and, although the effects decrease substantially with age, and the peer pressure becomes more subtle, it is still present. Peer pressure is something that can be done in very subtle and yet very influential ways that greatly affect people's actions and opinions.

  • No, it would not be called pressure if we weren't aware

    If we were not debating which way to go on such a decision, it would not be called pressure from your peers. Of course we are conscious of our decisions! Obviously we know the consequences of such a decision, and will take into account those consequences when faced with pressure!

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