• I think we already have

    Even though unemployment is a tad higher than it should be, it is dropping gradually. Consumer stress and confidence are somehow out of alignment with how well the economy really is doing. It is not rocking hot, but it is growing, with inflation not a real threat and the stock index growing steadily for multiple years now.

  • Yes, I think we will find a way out of the economic crises.

    America has traditionally always found a way out of any recession or depression, I think the American capitalistic spirit is too strong to ever make the American economy stay depressed for a long period of time, eventually the economy will pick up again and with it economic prosperity will return.

  • Economic cycles are cyclical.

    It's the same as every other economic crash. We have a period of prosperity, which occured right before the initial crash in 2008, followed by a recession. If the prosperity was strong enough, which is was in this case, the recession may be followed by a depression, but after that we enter recovery, and the cycle repeats. It's well-studied economics, it isn't an issue of "if" we'll get out of this crisis, it's "when" we'll get out.

  • Economic crises can be solved

    I think the economic crises that is effecting everyone across the world can be solved. The world community needs to come together and stop thinking about themselves and find a way to provide a balanced and fair import and export process. In addition, help stabilize the currency market to one type of currency so we are all equal.

  • A Natural Flow

    For anyone who has taken an introduction to economics class, you can easily see that economies go through a natural progression of high and low points. We can also see through history when the economy is manipulated these high and low points are more significant. You have bigger swells in the economy and much lower, lows. The economic crises is the result of economic manipulation and it will naturally swing back up, it will simply take time.

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