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  • Absolute power corrupts

    Just because a politician is wealthy doesn't mean they didn't get wealthy from not being corrupt. Just because a politician is wealthy doesn't mean they'll still need friends in high places and owe favors to others. Anyone who enters a position of power, whether you think they "need" it or not, is capable of being corrupted.

  • No I think wealthy politicians are corrupt

    I think corruption occurs on all level of wealth. Rich people want to stay rich, and poor people want to be rich. I think rich politicians are just as susceptible to corruption because many view themselves as better than other people and feel it is their right to accept whatever type of corruption comes before them.

  • No, I don't think wealthy politicans have stronger resistance to corruption.

    Often if you are wealthy you most likely have powerful business connections and those connections are going to lean on you when in office and get you to try to try to gain them perks and benefits, so even if you are wealthy I think you are highly prone to corruption in politics.

  • not at all

    no, i think that a wealthy person has spent there whole life worrying about money, so that they would be the one that is most likely to want to cheat in a way that would give them even more money that what they already have right now in the bank.

  • No, wealthy politicians are just as likely than poor ones to be corrupt.

    Wealthy politicians are definitely not less prone to corruption than their poorer counterparts. I think that wealthy politicians are just as likely to be corrupt than others. Except, wealthy politicians are just more likely to be more corrupt with more money. When somebody has the ability to be corrupt, it doesn't matter how rich they are.

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