• Yes i do

    Yes, I do think that she is going to step up and be the main force behind the feminist movement here very soon, since she is a very strong willed woman, and is someone that a lot of people really like and will get behind to follow in her ideas.

  • Wendy Davis is a new voice of feminists. Not 'the' new voice.

    Any female politician faces accusations of being a feminist. Wendy Davis certainly acts in some ways that support the feminist movement. She does so in a way that is not as combative as some feminists would like. This results in wavering support from the feminists. They are not fully behind her because she is not fully supporting their cause. She has many other State driven issues to address that take precedence over feminist whims. She is an advocate for feminism, not their personification though.

  • No Wendy Davis is not the new voice of feminists.

    I believe that no one group can be pinned to one persons voice. There may be a leader of a group but an entire groups opinion can not be defined by one single person. This is why I feel Wendy Davis is not the new voice of feminists and there are others who contribute to this voice too.

  • Not all feminists are abortionists.

    No, I do not think that Wendy Davis is the new voice of feminists, because not all feminists think that abortion is good policy. Much ado has been made about how she was a single parent. She has exaggerated her struggles, however, although that is not surprising, because that is what feminists tend to do. Wendy Davis is not the new voice of feminism.

  • She is a voice, but not the only voice.

    While I think that Wendy Davis is a new voice of feminism, I disagree that she is the definitive new voice for that movement. Feminism has grown beyond needing a central spokesperson, because there are varying degrees of it. But I do think she speaks eloquently for the women in her state, and I hope she wins her election to become the next governor of Texas.

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