Do you think Wendy Davis will be more effective in the public (yes) or private (no) sector?

  • Wendy Davis would be better in public

    Wendy Davis is a very outgoing person and she has charisma and good understanding of how to communicate with people. Being public would fit her biggest platform and allow for her and her beliefs to be seen by many people. She is also interested in running for politics so she would need to have a public edge.

  • The public sector needs Wendy Davis.

    I think that Wendy Davis, the next governor of Texas, will be vastly more effective in the public sector. Even if by some fluke she does not win the election, her mere presence and popularity sends a message to conservatives. They would now be a lot less "radical" knowing the public does not support them.

  • Wendy Davis would be more effective in the private sector.

    For all intensive purposes, the public sector is still widely a boys club. While that is not untrue for the private sector, there is one reason she would be more effective. That reason is sex. Public sector figures rely on a certain level of morality, and are thus less likely to be effected by sexual suggestion. I'm not saying that Wendy Davis is sleeping around or suggesting that she uses her sexuality directly to get what she wants. I'm saying that men in the private sector are more likely to entertain that fantasy and are thus more willing to do what she wants.

  • She is not trustworthy.

    No, I do not think that Wendy Davis will be more effective in the public sector, because she belongs in the private sector, because of her lack of trustworthiness. Wendy Davis has embellished some of the hardships that she experienced growing up in order to further her political career. That makes her incredible as a politician, and she should step aside.

  • No, I think Wendy Davis would be more effective in the private sector.

    I think that Wendy Davis can do more positive work for the community and public if she were to work in the private sector than in the public. Wendy Davis should forget politics and instead continue her work as a lawyer. I think she would be more useful that way.

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