Do you think we're doing enough to stop hate crimes and bullying in schools?

  • Bullying in schools

    Some schools ignore bullying some schools don't. But every school has different teachers, principals, and EAs. Schools have different rules. Some go by it some don't. Everyone will bully one time in there life or tease. But this needs to stop people are committing suicide because of this WE NEED TO STOP BULLYING!!!

  • It's simply normal

    Even though bullying is not good, it is normal. I did not grow up with social media and all that stuff, but I will tell you that bullying is normal. Children didn't go off the deep end even 15 years ago. As bad as this sounds it's because there are not parental u it's at home as often. Now that both parents have to work the children are left unsupervised and ALONE giving them a sense of being unloved/uncared for. Then when the bullying happens these kids act out in overly dramatic ways.

  • In schools, yes

    I don't know how much more (obviously depends on the school) one can do to prevent bullying, it will happen, if not physically then mentally, if not out loud then over texts or social media. The real issue here is the parents. Schools can only discipline children to an extent ESPECIALLY if the child doesn't ever care about school to begin with. Children are a product of their parents who need to stop blaming the schools and take action to discipline their child accordingly.

  • Can only do so much.

    Yes, I think that we're doing enough to stop hate crimes and bullying in schools, because there is only so much that the administrators or any other adult can do to stop bullying. Middle and high schoolers are always going to bully to an extent because they are kids and they do not care to be nice.

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  • No More Slaps on the Wrist...Administrators Need To Wake Up

    Schools need to do more and educate everyone (students, parents, teachers, and even administrators) about what could happen if there’s no intervention by anybody when it comes to bullying and hate crimes. The schools need to stop giving special interest groups (such as the popular students, athletes, teachers’ pets, etc.) special treatment and hold them accountable for their actions. If it means having to sit out of a football game, then that’s too bad. Maybe that person will learn their lesson.
    It’s a really sad situation and I’ve been to a school where the principal refuses to intervene when bullying occurs. Most of the bullies are athletes and teachers’ pets and the principal tends to shrug off the complaint and give the offenders a slap on the wrist. Why? So it can continue??? No! School should be a safe place to learn—not become a popularity contest! If a principal nor teacher cannot intervene and something becomes severe, guess who could face disciplinary action.

  • No, I think schools tend to ignore bullying.

    No, I do not think schools are doing enough to stop hate crimes and bullying. I think schools tend to ignore bullying because it would be opening a can of worms. The school would be caught between their observations and parents who are either in denial that their child could be a bully, or are just as much a bully as their child is. It's a no win situation for the school.

  • Yes And No

    I believe we are doing enough to stop hate crimes in the adult population. Bullying in schools is really a different topic of concern however. I think we are at a loss on how to properly punish and redirect bullies. I don't think we've perfected a method yet and until we find the right way to fix this problem we simply won't be able to do enough.

  • No, I think we need government support.

    No, I think we need the federal government to step in and help with some prgrams to curb bullying and hate crimes. It's a major issue and it often gets swept under the rug. However, watching a film like "Bully" will open your eyes. If only the United States government cared more...

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