Do you think 'Western civilization' is too broad a term to be effective in describing various cultures?

  • Northern Europe is the only Western civilization

    Everyone else is non-Western. Spain, Italy, Germany, to a certain extent England, and France are not the same as Denmark or Scotland. There was a time when those countries I mentioned first were not white by Scottish or Danish standards. So yeah, I definitely don't believe they're Western at all.

  • I do think 'Western Civilization' is too broad a term when describing various cultures

    I do think using 'western civilization' to describe various cultures is bad because it's super broad. The term is used when referring to the modern culture of Western Europe and North America. Both of those have A TON of difference cultures so just saying 'western civilization' will not do a culture justice.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, there is so many different types of people and culture that are in the Western part of the world now that there is no way you can put them all in a group together. They are to wide in their beliefs and practices, and this term needs to be changed.

  • It means a lot of things.

    Yes, I do think that Western civilization is too broad of a term to be effective in describing various cultures, because there is a great deal of variety in Western civilization. It also spans a great period of time, in which a lot of values and ideals changed. Europe is very different than the United States, and there is the gray area of Eastern Europe.

  • It is appropriate

    There are certainly a lot of differences within the countries that we label with the term of western civilization, but I think that it is an appropriate name for what they are talking about. Western civilization generally refers to the rise of democracy as well as capitalism and free markets. It is appropriate.

  • Western civilization defines an older period in time.

    'Western civilization' is not too broad a term to be effective in describing various cultures. Western civilization is based upon Christian morals and ethics, European art and architecture, and also in the welcoming of immigrants in need. This is based upon a way of life in the past 500 years or so. Although various cultures have accumulated in the west, the definition of western civilization is based in history.

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