• Yes, I think that they are biased.

    Yes, I have to say that I agree that I think white policeman are biased to the Black community. And it really makes me sad because in today's world races shouldn't matter and everyone should be treated equally as everyone else. Michael brown shouldn't of been shot and now Darren gets to tell his side of the story but Michael doesn't.

  • White Cops are Bias

    It's not a big surprise to hear of a white police officer beating or unlawfully killing the African American. Many white cops have never had a black friend or have ever been involved in the lives of non-white people. So, when the white people become cops, they don't have any knowledge of the other race. This makes them scared of blacks and the only thing they know about them are what he/she has heard-not experienced. That alone, having no involvement with other races, has white officers bias of anyone else who doesn't look like them. Since the beginning of time this has been going on, the question isn't are the cops bias.. it is, when are they going to stop being bias.

  • Look at the facts

    Over 3000 black citizens were wrongfully killed over the last 10 years by the American Police Force. Michael Brown and Tamier Rice are just two examples.
    Also, weed usage between backs and whites is equal but a black person is 4 times as likely to get caught. Why? Racism and inequality in the Police force.
    As well as this, during a white peaceful protest, the police asked them to leave. During a black peaceful protest, the people got tear gassed. During one such PEACEFUL protest, a 10 year old boy got pepper spray to the face. He told reporters, "I'm just glad I only got maced, not shot." This black kid is happy that he got maced in the face at a peaceful protest because he could keep his life.
    While on some occasions the police have the legal right, most of the time the racial discrimination makes them MURDER innocent people. Wake up and see the facts.

    (And please not that these are only 3 examples, I could rant on for hours)

  • Yes, it has been widely observed throughout the last few centuries in the west.

    Yes, white policemen (perhaps policemen in general) have been observed to stop and search members of the black community much often than their white counterparts. A ratio of 8 black people to 1 white person is often cited. This prejudice may stem from age old stereotypes, previous experiences or just outright racism, the demographics of prisons supports this.

  • And it's perfectly natural.

    Black people, for reasons I'd rather not get into here, commit crimes more often than white people do. I'm aware that does not hold true across the board with all crimes, with drug use and possession being the first exception to come to mind. However, minorities commit more crimes in America, that's just statistically proven. So when a cop is on the lookout for crime, it'd only be human to associate crime with a skin color that is most often involved in crime.

  • Yes, I think white policemen are biased.

    White policemen are certainly biased against the black community. This is evident in the statistics for arrests and random searches in the United States, for example in New York where regardless of neighborhood young blacks are far more likely to be scrutinized. The fact that it is often unconscious does not mean that the bias does not exist.

  • It is not true in all cases

    Okay, so I understand that there have been a fair amount of documented cases in which a white policeman unlawfully assaulted or killed a black suspect. However, while there is a problem with referring to stereotypes, there is also a very good reason for it. The only reason that stereotypes exist in the first place is because they are founded on some sort of truth. Currently, 39.4% of all people incarcerated in United State correctional facilities are black males. So, to say that there is no truth to the stereotype of black men being criminals is simply wrong. And, I'll give an example too. One night, driving home from work (I'm 16, and yes I have a job) I saw these two black kids run out of a house, with their pants sagging down around their knees and gold chains and all the usual. They ran right in front of my car and I got a very clear look at their faces. I thought about calling the police, but then my "better judgment" intervened and told me not to be "stereotypical". Turns out, that those two boys had just robbed that house, and were now still on the run (they were caught about two hours later though). So, point is, last time I give the benefit of the doubt to anyone again. And that is my point. Are white cops biased towards blacks? Yes. Is it warranted? For sure.

  • That's a myth put out by race baiters to promote their agenda

    Some white cops are racist. Most cops aren't. Most cops are good people who want to protect and serve their community. Darren Wilson was one of those good cops. After the 300 pound 6foot4 man grabbed his gun he shot. Brown ran away and turned toward him beginning to charge. He did his job. I would say that black criminals are biased against whites. Black on white crime is 10 times more common than white on black crime and black on white murderers are 4 times more common than white on black murderers. Where was the outrage when Antonio Santiago a white Hispanic baby was shot in the head by two blacks or when Kelli O'lauhghlin a white Chicago girl was stabbed to death by a black man. What about Channon Christian and Chris Newsom? This race baiting is absurd.

  • That is a myth which

    Is completely contyrary to how crime is prosecuted and who is arrested for crimes. It runs in the face of every statistic available on prosecution of black people, police behaviour, how people are prosecuted for crimes, etc, etc. Did you know 7 times the number of white people compared to black people are randomly stopped by the police in New York alone?

    Police bias, my ass!

    See for more info on why police are not biased towards blacks in America.

  • No, it is a myth peddled by race baiters

    This is the largest myth peddled by race baiters to divide America and make themselves money, people such as Al Sharpton make hundred of thousands of dollars when they successfully manage to divide Americans. There is no reason that we should be so divided as we seem to forget that cops are people too who also have to live with the decision that they had to end someone's life in order to save there own. That in of itself is a punishment of it's own, one that they have to deal with no matter who they kill. Things like these happen all the time, the media just chooses to report on the instances when white cops shoot black men.

  • You wouldn't know unless your psychic and can prove they are.

    No more than Black Cops would be biased against white people. Cops care human. Some are bias, some are not... If they are human, like any other white person, it's highly probable that the majority of cops aren't bias.

    The only bias I seem to see is the bias against White Cops. White? What about Black? Or Asian? Or they biased? No. And to say they are is a grave generalization.

    Unless you look into each case without bias or a pre-made assumption, you will never truly know. Seriously, though... Generalizing all cops as though they aren't the same as us humans is wrong. They are merely human, and like humans, if one is bias, you're find many more who aren't.

    To say they are bias is baseless and unprovable.

  • No they are not bias.

    Majority of crimes are committed by blacks, I'm not being racist but they are. More crimes like assaults and robberies are committed by black people. That is why they have more patrols in black communities, to try and stop the crimes and control what is being done. The police are not being bias just because there white, They have a job to do and are doing it to the best of their ability. You think they are being bias but they aren't. You think they are racist but they aren't. You think they are racially profiling he/she but they aren't. Most of the time when a black man is shot there is evidence to prove that they were and or have committed a crime, they usually have a record or a warrant out for there arrest. THEY ARE NOT BIASED TOWARDS THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

  • Not at all.

    Look at the neighborhoods where people claim "bias" of police. The ratio of black to whites as a very large gap. For every 10 black families, you might have one white family. In order to equalize this "bias" the same white person would have to be searched multiple times.
    If there are more black people than white people, mathematically and statically , yes, more black people than white people would be searched, more blacks than whites would commit crimes, and more blacks than whites would be the make up of prisons. If you fish in a lake of all catfish and a single bass, you are going to pull out more catfish than bass. That's just statistics being used for political gain.

  • Most Of The Time No.

    Most Policemen and Women are not racist. Some are, but the majority of them are not. Just because African American people get killed more(just heard a cop say that on the news) does not mean that the policeofficers are purposley killing them. And that is all I have to say.

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Dilara says2014-11-27T01:39:50.933
What about the 7000 black on black murderers a year? Whites killing blacks is so remote and it doesn't need attention.
Anoyamas says2014-11-27T03:38:04.827
I agree
Vere_Mendacium says2014-11-27T08:27:11.687
Of course they are. Everyone is biased; we all form stereotypes which are constructed by generalizations which are shaped by or perceptions and experiences. To pretend bias does not influence though or action is naive, but to act with recognition and balance regarding bias is a higher level of thinking no achieved by all human.