Do you think Whites have more of a struggle than blacks today?

Asked by: Alahward
  • Yes and No

    I get that diversity is something that we should have in the US, however, those who are not Caucasian generally have a better chance of getting into a college or their desired job than those who are Caucasian. Yes, African Americans are often discriminated against, but not all Caucasian individuals are racist, and many Caucasians are discriminated against because others think that they are racist. There is racism and discrimination on both sides of the spectrum, and we as individuals need to realize that there is no way to completely get rid of racism and discrimination. People will always be influenced by prejudices and past experiences.

  • Yes and No But mostly Yes

    All races struggle. There are whites that are homless and Blacks that are homless. Lots of caucasians dont get a diploma and blacks dont either. Its not race that effects it. Its either culture or individual. Blacks commit more or almost the same ammount of crime as whites and they are only less than 20 percent of the population. Its not race but individual or culture

  • There's a Reason People are Calling You Racist

    I'm super white, and I've never had to deal with people calling me racist. I don't think you would be called racist, unless there was something that provoked it. White people aren't the ones afraid of a traffic stop ending their life. They aren't afraid that people will only see them as their racist. White people don't have hate groups, cults, and terrorist groups targeting them like people of colour do.

  • You're kidding, Right?

    It's sad that we have to debate this. I know some people are trying to come off by not racist but regardless, colored people still struggle more.

    "Yes" was talking about those who are not caucasian have a better chance of getting into college because of Affirmative Action. But they still struggle because then they will be looked at and people will automatically think that they're here because of that and not because they're smart. And given the fact that there really is only one example of caucasians being discriminated against because people will think they're "racist", that's not a good enough excuse.

    Being Caucasian I can tell you that since I'm at the most diverse school in the district, people at my school think I have a MANSION, okay? Some people at my school are homeless.

    Blacks have more struggle than just a few whites being assumed racist. That's a stretch and that does come out as helpless. I shouldn't even have to name all the struggles blacks and other races go through because it would be sad if people didn't notice them already.

  • Yes and no

    The sad thing is still to this day you can do something without criticism. Just being a different color youre judged and thats what people are not understanding. We can work hard all we want but still be threw down. And no one can tell me different because it happened to me but everyone has struggles, but one thing i can say is everyone can live there lives but im still here living two lives just to make it through. Some blacks cant even get into the college because they are black. I am a physics major and so is other kids, but i was still asked are you sure this is the right career for you. Discrimination is apart of everyone, but until people recognize the black discrimination people will be woke. Once you are another race other than white you are DIFFERENT. You are treated as second class person always 2nd place. But whites also have the struggle for being called a racist. Not all white people are racist!

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