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  • I do not think Whoopi Goldberg had an abortion.

    I do not think Whoopi Goldberg had an abortion. Whoopi Goldberg is pretty famous and most of her life is broadcast by the media, but I never heard that Whoopi Goldberg ever had an abortion, or that she was ever pregnant. I believe if Whoopi Goldberg had an abortion it would have been widley reported.

  • Not My Business

    This type of question disgusts me. I don't even ask my close friends if they've had abortions. The only time someone else's abortion is relevant to me is - oh wait - never. It is nobody's business whether a celebrity had an abortion; if she chooses to disclose it for some reason, then that's her choice and it should be treated respectfully.

  • It's a private matter.

    No, I do not think that Whoopi Goldberg had an abortion, because she is a cautious person. Whoopi Goldberg won't even ride in an airplane. I doubt that she would do something risky that can damage a woman's health like having an abortion. If she had, we would all know about it.

  • I Don't Care

    Whoopi Goldberg participates as a host on day time television. She has had a decent career in the entertainment industry and will more than likely continue in that field. I couldn't care less if she has had an abortion during her life time. It is not any of my business.

  • No, I don't think Goldberg had an abortion.

    I do not think that Whoopie Goldberg had an abortion. I do have any reason to think that she ever had that procedure done. I personally have never heard about anything remotely close to story about it. I wasn't even sure that Whoopie Goldberg could get pregnant since I thought she wasn't straight.

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