• Provides Common Sense

    Whoopi Goldberg is probably the most common-sense person on "The View" as compared to other hosts. Barbara Walters is too old and the other women are too young. Goldberg is right in the middle which is perfect and exactly where she needs to be for that program. Goldberg shouldn't go anywhere.

  • Yes,I believe Whoopi Goldberg should be on "The View".

    Yes.I believe Whoopi Goldberg should be on "The View".She gives a unique perspective that no other host could give.She is definitely her own person which may ruffle some peoples feathers but in the end she manages to make a great contribution to the show and the network in generalon ABC>

  • Yes, they need one controversial woman.

    The View has always had at least one controversial woman on the panel, and now it falls to Whoopi Goldberg. She is actually quite good at speaking her opinions but also at keeping things to schedule when she acts as the moderator so she is a good stable presence on this show.

  • Whoopi Goldberg should be off the view

    Whoopi Goldberg was once a funny comedian. Now she is just a crude, bitter woman. She is on TV to be gross and to malign anyone who does not believe in her ultra-liberal politics. She is neither funny, entertaining or insightful anymore. She is just bitter and sad to watch.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that she is funny at all, and she is kind of hard to look at, and I do not agree with a lot of her views on the topics that are going on in todays world. i think that a lot of others would be better.

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