Do you think William Gaillard's occupation allows him to stay unbiased towards various UEFA players?

  • The two have little to do with each other.

    Yes, I think that William Gaillard's occupation allows him to stay unbiased towards various UEFA players, because his occupation really has little to do with football. Gaillard might have more understanding and sympathy towards the players because he is a physician. But sympathy and bias are not the same thing.

  • Part Of His Job

    William Gaillard is the director of communications and public affairs for the Union of European Football Associations, as well as the Senior Advisor to the President. Given his position with the UEFA it would seem that part of his job would be holding an unbiased view towards the players, so if he isn't capable, he should be replaced.

  • A fair man

    Yes, I think that he is unbiased in towards these players, and I think that his occupation helps him stat that way. He is always very fair towards each of the players, and does not pick favorites or any type of bias like that. He is truly a good man.

  • William Gaillard is not bias due to his occupation.

    William Gaillard's position allows him to be completely autonomous as it pertains to players in the UEFA. If he knows one player's name over another it is not because of favoritism, it is because his job exposes him to some players and not others. This exposure is created by the players actions and the crowd's reactions. If he sees a certain player with a negative connotation, the player and the fans are to blame, not the position.

  • His occupation leads to bias.

    William Gaillard's occupation does not allow him to stay unbiased towards various UEFA players. In fact, he is directly in the view of the players with his communications role, and can easily be influened by them. If he were not in the futbol arena at all, then he really could be unbiased.

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