Do you think Windows Vista was better than Windows 7?

  • It had more programs and a better UI

    Vista had more programs and a better UI.
    After SP2, thay run the same with Windows 7 on my PC (Toshiba Satellite A300-1mm).
    Also,the Vista Movie Maker was better than the Live Movie Maker. I know that I can install Vista movie maker in 7, but that's not the point.
    I don't say that Windows 7 were bad, I like them, but Vista were better.

  • Vista SP2 is better

    With the service packs and platform update, I've found Vista to be better than windows 7. It has been faster and more responsive for me by a big margin. Vista might've sucked when it first came out, but now with sp2 and the platform update it's great, and I definitely recommend it. Not only is it faster, but I find it easier to use, easier on eye strain, and the best part: No huge ass taskbar. Great operating system.

  • Yes, it was better.

    While Vista is more user friendly and stops mistakes from happening and guides you through processes more easily, windows 7 was more fun to use and better to manipulate. The interface was a little more confusing, but all around it was a better operating system. Was very disappointed in windows Vista

  • Windows 7 is far better than Vista.

    While its built off the same kernel structure, it possess far greater power and control over system internals than Vista did and is just as configurable as its predecessor. Also, all the major bugs and kinks so prevalent to Vista platforms, including the dreaded freezes and hiccups that were a constant drag on a users experience with WMP are all but gone in Windows 7. Windows Media Player finally works the way it should in Win7, something which I'm sure many users were quite pleased with. (Yeah, I know it still doesn't compare to VLC player, but all the bad bugs are gone from WMP in Win7).

    Windows 7 also includes way more power-handling for multi-tasking and to date is still the most stable operating system Microsoft has built.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that windows seven was a lot better that windows vista, because the vista program had a lot of problems that were not taken care of before it was sent out to computers. I think that windows seven gave people a lot less trouble that the other one.

  • Microsoft Word was more usable.

    I do not think that Windows Vista was better than Windows 7, because Windows Vista was more or less unusable. Also, in Windows Vista, they did a lot of funny things to Microsoft Word that made it very hard to transition from the old Microsoft Word. Vista tried too hard to be new and different.

  • I like Windows 7

    I personally think that Windows 7 is better than Windows Vista. This is mainly due to the fact that I felt that Windows 7 simply just made more sense and there was less of a learning curve into how to operate it. I think that Vista was okay, but Windows 7 was better.

  • No, it's not.

    No, Windows Vista is definitely not better than Windows 7. Windows 7 is basically just a version of Windows Vista that is not bad. Microsoft listened to the complaints that consumers had about Vista and tried to iron out all of the kinks and problems that users had to make their new product.

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