Do you think with the money Sanders is able to fund raise he'll be our next president?

  • Yes he will

    If you look at news polls they say that Sanders is down 20% But if you look at the internet polls, he is up a little over 50% and by my personal poll on this sight, he is up 66%, on another poll that I found on this sight, He was up 45 votes to 5.
    He has made 73 million, and that’s just with small donations, (which says that he has a very large group supporting him.

  • The way that Sanders is raising money is spurring him to the presidency

    I think that even though Sanders is lacking in money compared to the other candidates in the presidential field, the way he is raising his money is actually helping him in the polls. This shows him as a true "man of the people" and with so much strain about the economy currently this is exactly what Americans are looking for in their president.

  • Right now Sanders does not have the broad based support needed to be elected President.

    Bernie Sanders has proven that he can raise the funds needed to run an effective campaign for President. The challenge he faces is developing the broad base of supporters needed to get elected. Right now that supporter base is not there. Possibly as his ideas get more notice that base will grow, as it must for him to be elected.

  • He will not

    Sanders will not be our next president despite all the funds he's been able to raise. I don't think he will even be the democratic nominee. He's not expected to be able to beat Hillary Clinton. I think Sanders has a good following, but not enough to become the next president.

  • It's all about money.

    As much as I want him to win I don't think he will. He doesn't have enough money. He also doesn't have the corporate support that other candidates do. Even if he does take office it will be almost impossible for him to get anything done. But at least he's getting the issues out there.

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