• Hi i am jojo

    I love firefighters bro i am a kid and i am doing a essay on should women be firefighters too i have a friend named ebaba and she is awesome and she agrees with me so good bye p. S yes i am not a poop i am a normal kid

  • You can achieve what you set your mind to!

    I am a firefighter and YES I am female! I see many of you with the bullshit argument that it's "a grueling job", "there is too much heavy lifting for females". I agree, it is, but because I am female should have no bearing on it. My ability to do the work, pass, the test, stay physically fit, and certified is what should matter. We train to get better, not sort out the weak! I can name two handfuls of male firefighters who weigh less than me, can lift less than me, run slower than me, and failed more tests than me...Why are they not being judged as we are by some. Stop judging people by their sex, judge them by their qualifications.

  • Cuz they can

    Why, can they not? Have I been missing something, cuz I distinctly remember meeting female firefighters before. I’ve met one almost every year of elementary school for this stupid little fire safety programs. Like, why shouldn’t they be? That’s kind of oppressive if women couldn’t be firefighters. They can do the job.

  • Say yes to WOMAN fighters.

    Woman are just as intelligent and strong as men are.
    Us woman can do anything we put our minds too.
    If someone or something was in danger it wouldn't matter if it was a guy or girl helping them. Girls can do anything in the world if they just try and so can guys.

  • My mom kicks ass!

    All of these arguments against female firefighters use poorly thought out generalizations to support their stance. "I'm a woman and I can't do it." "My wife doesn't want to!" "My sister isn't as strong as me!" Women can do anything a man can. Due to biology, will the women sometimes have to work harder than the men in order to achieve the same goal? Yeah! But if she really cares about the fire service, or whatever it is she is working towards, she'll do it in a heartbeat.

    This message was brought to you by the firefighter son of a firefighter mother and a firefighter father. My dad is 51 and retired from the fire service 20 years ago due to medical problems. My mom is 50 and still rides at a volunteer department near their house. Fully qualified, Class A, Interior Firefighter. 30 years ago, she was the first woman to be sworn in to that department. She's still going strong.

  • Absolutely they can.

    It is a biological fact that woman are the weaker gender in regards to physical strength and endurance (or at least generally, i will admit that individually there are woman who are physically stronger, same as some men are physically weaker )

    That being said, if woman can meat the same minimum standards that male firefighters already have to meet then they should be allowed to be included into the position as well. However, if she cannot meet this minimum standard then that puts not only her life, but the lives of innocents and even the rest of her colleagues at risk.

    Recap- If they can meat the qualifications then they deserve the job

  • Women should be firefighters!!!

    I think that women should be firefighters because women's are more mature then men. Also women's are really strong and they are very intelligent. They can also do the same thing as men can do. They also can put out fire, and they can learn and do things quicker then men. They also pass quizzes and test.

  • Why women SHOULD be firefighters

    Women should be firefighter's because they have work so hard there whole life to just give up now!! They should fight so that they can help the guy firefighter's fight in fires i think that all people should be treated the same.Women should have the same rights as men do.

  • Say yes to firefighter womans

    I think woman should be able to be a firefighter because every one is created the same every one is strong in different ways and every one is helpfull on something. Woman are potential and i think they should be a firefighter because i think they have what is needed to be a firefighter that is strength,not to be scared,and to use their brain wisely.

  • Why women should be firefighters

    Women should be firefighters because they are really strong and they are
    very inteligent . They can do the same thing the men can do. The women can put out fires, and they can learn and do things quicker. They can do quizzes faster and pass test. They can even help people just like the men can.

  • Not a chance in hell

    To the women that claim that they can be a firefighter in some or most conditions....Why don't you ruin another industry. This one requires men to be willing and able to do what it takes for that 100th percentile. Not just some of the time. But when it comes to special treatment you want that ALL of the time.

  • NO! NO! NO! And NO!

    I work as a full time firefighter at a station that houses only two people. My partner is a female. She can not use Jaws, she can not move a charged hoseline by herself, and there is no way she could ever pull anyone out of a fire. Just because you wear a firefighter uniform, that does not mean you are a firefighter. Strength is what is needed, and females just are not strong enough. Sorry ladies just stating the truth.

  • Women are equals in life, however women are not as physically strong as men. This puts the men in the fire service at risk.

    There are many potential emergencies which may occur in the fire service. It only takes that one factor to make the scenario impossible for a woman to accomplish and that jeopardizes the entire mission and the entire crew. If the firefighter was your family, would you want a woman covering his back in an emergency?

  • It's not a matter of whether they can do the job or not...

    If a woman firefighter can OUTPERFORM all of the other male applicants, then sure, let her become a firefighter. But unfortunately for all you feminists, tt doesn't matter whether the woman can pass the physical exam, written exam, or even the interviews. What matters is which individuals can perform these tasks the BEST. And I can guarantee you that for every woman firefighter out there, there was a man who could have performed the job better but was not hired because he HAD a penis. You can tell me that a woman can do the job, but you cannot tell me that a woman can do the job better, that would just be ridiculous.

  • Woman are incapable

    Woman are slower, weaker and more emotional than men. I wouldnt trust my life in the hands of three woman as much as I would 1 man. I don't know a single Woman that can do 25 burpees with full bunkers and and scba( which was just a warm up in my academy.) Sorry lady's but you are just to physically inferior. I'm in favor of harder more rigorous physical testing for all entrants into the fire department. Maybe a minimum 1.5mile run time of 9:30, 15 pull ups, 60 push ups, and a CTT time of 345

  • No. Absolutely not.

    I am a woman and I believe women need to stay out of the industry. My fiancé is a fire fighter and so is my brother. I have tried on just some of their gear and heard their stories. A firefighter helmet alone is so heavy it makes it hard to keep your head up. Just the weight of the turnout gear alone is more weight than an average woman can lift. This includes an air tank that only holds so much oxygen and causes the firefighter to have to use half of the air that they normally would without it. Maybe some women can handle this, but add the weight of a charged hose, or even a 100 pound child, and I would be amazed to see if any woman could honestly handle that. And that would be light work for a firefighter. And men who are more than qualified for these jobs have to wait years to get hired because women are almost always hired before men because fire departments don't want a lawsuit. Any woman that either my fiancé or brother have had to train/work with has not been able to live up to the expectations of a male firefighter and they have been given special treatment because of it. But men who have performed on the same level have not had their standards lowered because they simply aren't strong enough. As far as I am concerned, if a woman cannot perform what is expected of any male firefighter (which most men cannot), then she has no business being a firefighter. Show me a woman who can physically perform as well as a male firefighter and I will change my mind. Until then, I don't trust any woman to save my life in any fire, car accident, etc. The physical demands are simply too much for a woman. Although I still think women really do not meet all of the physical expectations to be paramedics either, if they want to be part of EMS, I really feel that they should lean more towards just being EMTs/paramedics without the added title of "firefighter."

  • Sure women can do the job,but for how long

    After the glory of getting the job and you get into it after 10 years and a having couple nagging injuries,that also come with this job
    and your hiding spot in your head starts to fill up with other peoples nightmares.Which you now are a part of.
    Growing thick skin from being teased around the hall
    Why would any woman want to expose themselves to this enviroment ?
    Its not about the glory, girls
    it is an easy job but hard on the body for 25 yrs. Men are built different. Even if you can pass all the tests.How long can you keep up the basic standard...You will be asked for alot more ..

  • There are still some jobs that are better suited to men

    I believe that when there are human lives on the line and a certain level of physical strength/skill is required to perform a task that can help to save those lives and men are the group best suited physically to develop the needed skills to do so, then they should be the group most accepted to do so. There are many other fields of study that us ladies can prove ourselves in that doesn't involving potentially placing the safety of others at risk.

  • Breaking up the brotherhood of men

    There's a strong bond between men that must take place in order to make a great team, and a great team is what is need to make a great fire department. We can go on forever about the physical part which by nature 90 percent of women will never be able to match which should be a good enough reason alone. We as men know there will be things like men trying to hit on woman firefighter every now and then which equals distraction. Its a testosterone filled place where men should feel comfortable talking about men things, saying things they probably wouldn't say around a female partner. There's plenty of jobs out there that suit woman, I just don't see there point here. Among other jobs that don't suit them are the following: Police, firefighting, correctional officer, military, security officer. All those jobs are for men and having a woman take part in that can lead to a man being injured, the facts of life. We to this day say "firemen" not "firewomen".

  • No, as they are not held to the same standards.

    As a firefighter I can tell you the CPAT (physical test) was changed to "accommodate female applicants". For those of you who can't read between the lines, that means it was made easier. Making the practice dummy lighter does not make the victims of real fires lighter. If the standards were changed back and things such as affirmative action were removed from the formula, then I would change my answer. But for now female firefighters means lower physical standards and preferential hiring.

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