• Foids aren't great as man so why not?

    Yea what you are thinking huh? That women are better than men? Nigga men are even better in being women hahah! Look on these traps and you can see how women can't even be girly! Another reason why its becaue no one wanna spent all day long in kitchen so i guess that women must to do something good actualy if i must to change my opinion that they are wasting expensive oxygen and should contribute for society for that

  • Yes a woman's place is in the home

    A woman's place is in the home she should stay home should ensure that her husband has a warm meal when he gets home she should keep the home clean and cuddle with him to reduce his stress level as well as be his friend share her thoughts and opinions with him so he can better lead the household

  • Women are servants

    Women should be property and servants of men and children they are for cooking cleaning and childbearing hey should not be allowed to vote own land or shares in a company like i said they are property you do not let your cat own a house or stocks now do you

  • Of course she should.

    Everyone should. Due to the pandemic we are all in this together, And we need to put on our best effort at flattening the curve. Just two more weeks, Guys! Two more weeks! Two more weeks until the whole thing is over and we can go back to being outside.

  • Yes, In fact everyone should stay home.

    Transferring people is extremely inefficient and wasteful. Light has way less overhead. Everyone who can, Should stay inside and just interface through the internet. In the future, Earth won't have enough energy at any form to sustain an escape plan into space. We need to be more efficient, There won't be a viable future for the generations to come.

  • No, Males cannot be trusted

    M*les are the cause of most societal problems, Including violent crime, Inequality, And war. They have corrupted our political and social institutions. They cannot be trusted to leave the home. The m*le's place is thus in the house where they cannot be a nuisance to upstanding female members of society.

  • Unless they want to.

    It should never be expected or be what a woman is 'supposed' to do same as the counter argument the man doesn't always have to provide a woman can be independent on her own and does not need a man to take care of her. Women do not exist for mens pleasure and we are not slaves to them. Since they are so high and mighty they can take care of themselves and cook for themselves. The same situation involving kids. We should not be expected to carry children because society says so and thats what we are made to do but rather it should be a CHOICE. Not a you have to or else.

  • If they want to.

    If they want to do that it is fine by me but I don't think that should be "the norm" women are capable of doing the same jobs as men and there is no need for them to stay home and do all the household things. If you want to have something like that again that is fine but I think it is kind of dumb.

  • Remind me what century this is again?

    Oh. That’s right, The 21st. That means that in modern Countries such as the US, Women have the choice whether or not they should stay at home and thank God for that too. Women or men we shouldn’t be forced to do anything or make any decisions based on their gender. Women are every bit as intellectually capable jobwise as a man and the thought they should stay at home is totally outdated.

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DagonChernovski666 says2021-03-30T11:50:30.687
Everyone should stay home due to coronavirus.

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