• Woodrow Wilson was a team player.

    President Wilson was a skilled administrator and he was clearly a team player. He worked with congress with a lot of success, and he tried to make laws that would ensure world peace. Although his League of Nations was not possible in his time, it gave birth to the United Nations today.

  • Woodrow Wilson Played Team

    Woodrow Wilson was absolutely a team player as far as his presidency was concerned. He worked well with others throughout his life and while running this country. It's not a good idea to say that he wasn't a team player, since all the evidence points toward him working in a team.

  • No but he didn't have to be

    Woodrow Wilson was not a team player, but he wasn't meant to be either. He was the President of the US so his main objective was looking out for our interests. Woodrow Wilson was brilliant, had great idea, and looked out for the US. He wasn't a team player but he did his job.

  • No, he promoted partisan politics.

    No, I do not think Woodrow Wilson was a team player, because he did a lot of things that were political. Woodrow Wilson promoted the partly platform. History has glossed over the fact that he did not work well with opponents, and instead promoted a largely partisan agenda, intended to put the United States far closer to socialism.

  • No, no politician is.

    No, I do not think Woodrow Wilson was a team player, because he acted in his best interests. There is no politician that is not ultimately looking out for himself. Woodrow Wilson did some things that make him appear to be a team player, like the League of Nations, but all politicians really just want to get rich off the backs of the little people.

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