• Let em play

    Yes, I do think that world soccer can easily defeat corruption. All they have to do is talk to the players, and get them on board to just play the game, and not worry about all of the bribes and things that are constantly thrown at them to make them cheat.

  • Always Will Be Corruption

    People just want more things than their counterparts. They always have to have more money, more power, more materialistic items than their neighbors. They like to be put on a pedestal, and for everyone else to tell them how great they are. Soccer as a sport and a business is no different. I do not see how they could stop corruption when they are in the same boat.

  • Soccer Defeat Corruption

    I personally think that the world soccer is not going to defeat corruption because soccer is going to be soccer. I personally think that the world soccer is not going to defeat corruption because their are always rules to a game as well as tips and trips to successfully playing soccer.

  • Soccer Is A Sport

    I do not believe world soccer can defeat corruption. This question seems absurd to me. It's like asking if crime can be combated if a select group of every population plays basketball. The answer is no. Corruption will more than likely always be present regardless of what is done to stop it.

  • No, it cannot.

    There is no way soccer can defeat corruption on a worldwide level. The internet wasn't able to do that. Soccer does seem to bring people together to watch a sport, and they get very passionate about it, but it isn't a platform to stop corruption in the world at all.

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