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  • World Soccer can not get rid of corruption.

    I don't believe that anything can get rid of corruption. I seriously don't think that a sport of any kind can even make a dent in it either. Corruption exists in the human heart, any time someone has any type of power, there will always be a chance for corruption to grow in their heart.

  • World Soccer cannot get rid of Corruption

    It is my opinion that World Soccer will never be able to get rid of corruption that is associated with it. Many of the countries that take part in world soccer are not as lawful as the United States, and the people with the most influence are usually involved in illegal activities. These people influence the games of World Soccer, and until they are brough to trial there will always be corruption in World Soccer.

  • Soccer won't kick away corruption.

    There is no way soccer anywhere is going to get rid of corruption. I think someone's been watching a few too many feel good movies about the power of sport. You can have all the soccer you want, it's not going to change that people are dishonest. The world is a nasty place sometimes. Get used to it.

  • Corruption is always present in soccer

    I think corruption will always be around the World Soccer association. Especially in the smaller and less monitored leagues, corruption will be present. However in the larger and more supervised leagues where there are many layer of checks and controls, corruption is harder to be present in these types of leagues.

  • No It Can't

    I do not believe world soccer is capable of getting rid of corruption. Soccer is just a sport, it's not a miracle drug or a miracle fix for problems in society. Corruption will always be present to certain degrees and the only way to limit it is through honesty in society. Sports can't fix problems such as corruption.

  • World Soccer could never get rid of corruption. How could it?

    I many countries soccer isn't even a popular sport and even if it were I can't see how it could get rid of corruption. A lot of corruptions starts at the top, for instance Government. How is Soccer going to kill the ego, pride and greed of 'men'? My answer is no.

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